Price-Matching List ~ 9/21- 9/27

There are some great deals this week! I’m actually out of money from my regular budget already, though…may have to dip into other funds to take advantage of a few good deals. I’ve decided that if I use some of my measly eating out budget for better groceries to prevent us from eating out that that’s a better use of that money! So, I’ll probably steal a few dollars from that envelope since we haven’t used it much this month. I’m very well stocked on most things, but I do need butter or I would probably skip shopping altogether next week.

Here’s what I see:

HyVee ~

Butter – $1.99 / lb – This is my stock up price and timing couldn’t be better because I’m on my last pound.
Unbleached Flour – .99 / 5 lb – Debating on whether or not to buy this as I haven’t had any for months and months and I’m getting along just fine with my hard white wheat berries.
Green cabbage – .49 / lb (on the Clean 15 list)
Earthbound Farms Organic Celery Hearts – 1.69 / 2 ct. – There have been lots of printable Earthbound Farms coupons lately. Better deal if you have any of those! I’m not a big celery fan, but I have coupons and it’s good for making homemade stock.

HyVee Drugtown (Main HyVee will price match if you bring the ad) ~

HyVee milk – 1.97 / gallon

Aldi ~

Mushrooms – .49 / 8 ounces – I predict stroganoff on our weekly menu next week. It’s one of my kids’ very favorite meals and it’s very freezer friendly (Clean 15 list)
Yellow onions – .99 / 3 lb (Clean 15 list)

Fareway ~

Pears – .88 /lb
Apricots – 1.49 / lb

What’s the best deal you see in your area this week?

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