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Price Matching Saves $$$!

This week, I price matched at Walmart and saved 67% over their “everday” low prices! I looked at price matching loss leaders a while back to see how it would save over Walmart prices and found that it would save money. I want to revisit that today and show you again.

Pictured are most of my purchases from my trip to Walmart this week. I also bought (but didn’t include in the picture) 10 lbs of red potatoes, 6 lbs of yellow onions, and 2 heads of garlic.

Here is the break down of my price matched purchases:

Item # Walmart  Total Price-Match Total
Tribe Hummus 8- 3.28 26.24 2.00 16.00
Mrs. T Pierigoes 6- 2.48 14.88 2.00 12.00
Marzetti Salad Dressing 2- 3.94 7.88 2.25 4.50
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1- 3.78 3.78 2.88 2.88
Kraft Cheese 6- 2.00 12.00 1.50 9.00
Pears 5- 1.37 6.85 0.88 4.40
5 lbs Red Potatoes 2- 3.47 6.94 0.99 1.98
Bananas 5- 0.54 2.70 0.39 1.95
Cottage Cheese 1- 1.76 1.76 0.69 0.69
Red Peppers 2- 1.94 3.88 0.77 1.54
3 lbs Yellow Onions 2- 1.88 3.76 0.79 1.58
$90.67 $56.52
I apologize that my table looks a little strange. If you have ever tried to FORCE Microsoft Word to do something, you know how frustrating it can be. I’m have problems getting Blogger to format correctly right now.

Anyhow, what I want you to see from this, is that the Walmart price for the items I purchased was $90.67!

Simply by price matching to other grocery stores, I got that total down to $56.52.

Now, I used coupons and got it down even further. I only paid $30 for everything pictured plus the veggies that didn’t get pictured. (Hummus freezes very nicely, by the way!) 

All you need to price match are other stores’ weekly ads. I highly recommend a subscription to the local newspaper so you get those ads each week. I paid for my subscription with this one trip to Walmart. I wish other stores price matched as easily as Walmart. I would happily shop somewhere else if they did. At this point in my life, saving 67% is enormous!

Your luck price matching may depend on your local Walmart, but here is the link to Walmart’s price matching policy. I live in a rural area and my Walmart has always been very good about price matching. Not only do they accept competitors from a distance off (30 + miles), they very rarely check the prices I tell them. I am no way, shape, or form suggesting that you make up prices, but sometimes when I price match, it feels like “name your own price” grocery shopping.

Not only does price matching save me money, but it also saves me gas and time since I don’t have to chase the deals all over town. Using coupons (and getting the bottom line even lower) is the icing on the cake! I don’t do this every week, but sometimes, simplicity and ease just win out!

You can see my other weekly purchases here.

Do stores in your area price match? And, have you tried it? What did you think?

I’m linking this up with Life As Mom. For other money saving ideas, visit her blog.


  1. Lisa, I go through the ads and write down the prices at the other stores. Then I gather up my ads and take them with me. As the checker rings each item, I tell that person how much the item should cost - from my handwritten list. RARELY, RARELY the cashier asks to look at the ad. Usually, they just change the price without question. Each cashier also has a copy of the ads at the register so you don't have to bring the ads with you, but I like to think it makes me look more "credible" to have them. Customer Service is NOT involved and Walmart price matches to the Aldi ad without hesitation. They ONLY thing the cashier looked at from this purchase was the price of the red potatoes. Why he chose that one item, I have no idea. It was in the middle of my transaction. Usually they don't ask at all.

    The other thing I do is try to separate out the price match from the non price match. Whatever it takes to make it go as smoothly as possible.
  2. I wonder if they would check MY coupons. They always search my cart when I leave.

    Also, do you need ads? Aldi prices are generally lower and rarely have coupons.
  3. Melanie, they would most definitely check your price matches...Walmart has a vendetta against you best I could tell. And yes, if you see me in Walmart, choose another line! :-)

    And yes, to answer your other question. In general, Aldi prices are lower than the prices at Walmart. BUT - they are NOT lower than the loss leader prices which is what I price match to and like you said, they don't take coupons. I'd have to verify, but I'm guessing the same stuff I got for $30 at Walmart would have cost me ~ $60 at Aldi.

    Read this:
  4. Michelle, if a store is having a promotion that states if you buy ten you get it for a cheaper price does Walmart honor that as well? For example, Smith's has Annie's Mac and Cheese for .49 each if you buy 10. Could I get this deal at Walmart?
  5. Lisa, I think so. I have price matched that way in the past. I'm adding Walmart's price matching policy to my post. It doesn't specifically address your question. But I would certainly try! :-)
  6. I'll have to try it the next time I go to Walmart. Walmart customers seem to be the most impatient, I feel like they are breathing down my neck just for using coupons, I guess I'll just have to be brave ;)
  7. Lisa, I try to price match at Walmart when it is not that crowded - late in the evening or in the middle of the day, but certainly not after work when people are headed out to grab ingredients for dinner, and I try to avoid the weekends. I also try to be polite and let people behind me in line know that it might take a while for me to finish.
  8. I guess that is the problem. I go while Emily is at Sunday School on Wednesday nights which is about 5pm. It's in the same area as our church and I have to "kill" an hour anyway. There is always huge lines and few cashiers, I hate taking up too much time for the 5 people lined up behind me! I guess I'll just go at a different time or people will learn not to get behind me ;)
  9. Nice job! I don't shop at Walmart, simply because it is not the most convenient store in terms of proximity. But maybe I'll reconsider seeing how much you saved by price matching.
    I didn't know hummus freezed well, but we love hummus, so I'll remember that tip.

    I started a new link-up on Wednesdays, Kitchen Economics: Cost Cutting Tips to Save Money in the Kitchen. I would love for you to stop by next Wednesday.

    Thanks ~ Kristia
  10. Sara, the Jewel ad comes in the Quad City Times. We used to get it...they stopped inserting it the papers for our regions in Jan. (But it's still in the papers delivered to the QCA). Made me really mad when I stopped getting it. I look at their ad on-line and read www.mashupmom.com.
  11. At my wal-mart they always ask to see the actual ad but rarely do they go beyond that. I usually tell them the price and they change it. I love price matching, I have never had a problem either.
  12. My Walmart will not let me price match and use coupons. They say that I can only do one or the other. Is it in their coupon policy that you can use both? I tried to look and see, but couldn't find it?
  13. Erin - I have NEVER experienced that. Is that cashier policy or manager policy? It sounds bogus to me. Here are the 2 policies:

    http://walmartstores.com/7655.aspx - coupons
    http://walmartstores.com/10563.aspx - price matching

    I'd ask to speak to a manager. If the manager says no coupons with price matching, I'd send Walmart corporate an email or give them a call.
  14. You do not have to show the ad at Wal-mart to get a price match. It specifically says that on any Wal-mart price matching commercial you see as well as on their website. If a cashier refuses to do a price match because you don't have the ad, I would immediately ask to speak to a manager.

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