5 Minute Grammar Lesson – Priviledge or Privilege

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Today’s 5 Minute Grammar Lesson is really a spelling lesson. Which is right? Priviledge or Privilege?

Privilidge or Privilege Weekly Grammar Lesson

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5 Minute Grammar Lesson – Priviledge or Privilege

Hopefully, you can tell the answer to this spelling question when you type these two words simply by observing the red squiggly line under the word that indicates it’s misspelled. 😀

Priviledge – WRONG

PRIVILIDGE is actually not the right way to spell the word. While it sounds like there should be a D before the G, there actually should not be. And guys, I make this mistake all the time myself. In fact, the entire reason for this post is because of an error I made on Facebook when I used a hashtag. Whooooooops!

Privilege – winner, winner, chicken dinner

If you want to spell the word correctly, just leave that pesky D out. PRIVILEGE has no D. Repeat after me. Privilege has NO D. Privilege has no d.

Priviledge or Privilege 5 Minute Grammar Lesson

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  1. Michelle, I love your 5 minute grammar lessons. I correct mistakes I’ve been making for years. I chuckle. I learn something new.