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  1. After I found the 3 year old "planting" (read dumping) my current stash of seeds into one of the vegetable beds, I need seeds. Fortunately, I was able to rescue my favorite green bean, Jade, from Fedco. Even though I have time, at this point, I may just go to Home Depot and buy organic seeds from them. I'm just not up for paying shipping charges, and I don't know what I need besides lettuce. I also planned on cutting back this year though with the increase in the price of gas which will affect the cost of food, I may end up planting more than I had planned.
    • I've never ordered seeds before. I usually just buy them from Menards. I also don't like to pay shipping and I always have Menards rebate money which means I don't have to pay anything out of pocket for them. This year though, I was motivated to order some...we'll see how it goes!
  2. Seed Savers is beautiful, local, and a really good cause. Not that Baker's Creek isn't awesome. They are too! You have seen the state of "repair" in my house, so you won't be surprised to learn I rarely step in to a Menards. Checking out Trees of Antiquity now. Can't wait to see your garden!
  3. This is very timely for me as I need to plan my garden as well. I will probably keep it very small though and only plant maybe 4 things. I am still learning. Plus I plan to do a CSA this year.
  4. Are you going to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder house while your in Mansfield? You should, it's really neat (and would be perfect for my 4'7" sister). I love the Bakers Creek seed catalog, I've not been to their place(even though I grew up and lived only an hour away), but may just have to swing in if I have time when we go to Missouri next month.
    • You bet we're heading to Mansfield for Rocky Ridge Farm!! I was there as a very young child and can't wait to take my kids (and see it again myself). :-) My parents live about 3 hours north of Mansfield in Sedalia.

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