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Signs of Spring in Eastern Iowa ~ 4/2/2013

It was 19 degrees again this morning…but I am convinced that spring is on the horizon! Last week, temps were in the 50s and we headed out to our barn and homestead area to survey our empire! We found lots of signs of spring.


Check out this MUD. It’s everywhere – mud from the melting snow. We can’t take the shortcut to our barn right now. Check out the ruts in this Level B Service road. Some of them have to be 2 feet deep. Good thing there is another way because there is no chance of actually making it up this road!


We walked around our property surveying and listened to birds. It sounded so wonderful out there with all of the birds chirping. This picture of Ben checking out a red headed wood pecker with the “binoculars” he made out duck tape really cracks me up. That kid can make anything out of duck tape.


I’m not sure why he thought sandals were a good idea…more mud!


Last year, we planted several fruit and nut trees. My almond tree never leafed out and I thought it was dead. But this looks an awful lot like leaf buds to me! I was very excited to find buds on all of my trees.


I also uncovered a couple strawberry plants to see what’s going on. I’m looking forward to berries this year. Hope we get some!! I haven’t uncovered the patch yet because it’s still so stinking cold at night, but I needed to sneak a peek.


And a crocus! How about that. I love these dainty little flowers. I was so happy to see them. I was also glad to see that my tulips and daffodils aren’t up yet. Some people lost their bulbs because it warmed up enough for them to grow and then froze again. I planted over 100 bulbs last fall and I’m really looking forward to a lots of tulips.

In other news, my seedlings are coming along nicely. I’m happy to report that the tomatoes I was waiting for finally sprouted and the peppers are just about too! Now, if I can get my eggplant to sprout, and keep everything alive, I’ll be very happy. I also planted a bit of lettuce in my gutter salad garden! Looking forward to watching the lettuce grow right outside my kitchen door this year.

Hopefully, it will warm up a bit more and dry out so I can get my potatoes and cold weather plants planted in my garden. Planting before Good Friday was just not possible this year.

Has spring arrived in your area? Hope you’re having fun in the dirt!

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Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

There are signs of spring here. The only worry I have ,is our fruit trees have blooms on them. We usually have one more storm before May. I am hoping it misses us this year. I so want some plums this year.


Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

Oh I am SO thrilled that spring is here!!!!

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