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Sledding Iowa Style

Winter had finally descended upon Eastern Iowa and it’s C.O.L.D. Brrr. I’m ready for spring now.

My kids are thrilled, of course. On Sunday my husband took them out sledding at our barn – Iowa Style. I did not grow up in Iowa, and I have never been sledding in this manner. We sledded for real, now. None of this wimpy being pulled behind a tractor stuff. We trudged up mountains carting our sleds. {Dare I say we were barefoot?}We weren’t, but it makes a good story, right. We avoided trees and looked for ice. Sledding behind a tractor, for real?! But we had mountains where I lived and, umm, Iowa is a little flat.

After hearing my husband’s stories of sledding on car hoods pulled behind pick-ups and heads super glued back together…I wasn’t sure I could watch this.

But, under serious pressure from threats to his life, my husband kept it slow and my kids are safe.

This is sledding, Iowa Style:

Meanwhile, the baby and I stayed warm in the van and barn. Maybe next time I’ll go, too. It does look a little fun, doesn’t it? Probably beats trudging up mountains.


  1. OK, I grew up in Iowa too, and NEVER! Of course, I happened to grow up in the little corner that the glaciers missed and we actually have hills; skiing even! Looks like fun...I think. I don't think I could have watched either. I think he's a great dad, though!

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