SoFab U Food Photography with Sony ~ What I’ve learned

It’s the last week of my Food Photography course! It’s been a really fun six weeks and I know I’ve learned a lot. When I started the course, I just didn’t pay much attention to my pictures. I drooled over other people’s pictures and wished I could replicate them, but I didn’t really try because I just thought it would be too hard, too much work, insert whatever excuse. This class showed me that I can do it – it’s not too hard! It’s not too much work. It just takes attention and dedication.

The first thing we learned in class was to use natural light and plain backgrounds. Gulp. There went my flash and my kitchen island.

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  1. Great photos! That photo of the bread, peanut butter and bananas is still my favorite. Love the texture in the wood. Yes, now we can create our own drool-worthy food photos! Congrats.
  2. Such a wonderful collection of your work!! Your photos are lovely and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to explore your work in this course!
    • Hi there, Thanks! It was a closed class for members of Social Fabric and Collective Bias. You can find out information about those groups by clicking on the links in the post. They're always looking for great bloggers, if you blog!

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