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The Spending Strike – Day 31 {The LAST Day}

It’s the last day of the spending strike! WooHOOO! We made it!! THIRTY ONE days down and not much money spent. 🙂

The Spending Strike – Day 31 {The LAST Day}

I’ve been in contact with the author of The Spending Strike – the book that inspired Kelli to the challenge and me to join her. In fact, Sarah guest posted on The Sustainable Couple. If you haven’t read her post, hop over and read her post now – But what about milk?! Well, I asked Sarah if she would share what happened to her family AFTER the strike was over.

You know, 31 days are over…it’s time to rush right out and spend, spend, spend. I’ve already let you know that I’m really looking forward to grocery shopping. Get out there and do your civic duty to help the economy too! {Oh wait…that’s me speaking. Read on for the more level headed response from Sarah.} 

30 Day Spend Nothing {or as close to nothing as possible} Spending Strike

But here’s what Sara had to say about her family’s Spending Strike experience after it ended:

On the final day of our spending strike we celebrated with a special dinner at home and enjoyed a conversation filled with memories and successes of the month. We stayed true to ourselves and accomplished our goal of not spending any extra money for a full 31 days. It was an amazing feeling and we ended the strike triumphant! The next day we awoke with our spending privileges restored. I thought about what I wanted to do first, but nothing really seemed that appealing. I didn’t have the desire to go to the convenience store for a cup of cappuccino. Nor did I feel like browsing my favorite online shopping sites. I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the grocery store either. Although I could have spent money on any number of things that day, I didn’t.

Not spending money for a month allowed me to reset my financial habits. And, now that we had accomplished the goal of not spending money for 31 days it was time to move on to the next challenge. Since the end of the first spending strike I look at money differently and now engage in a variety of money challenges throughout the year. Sometimes I even view spending money like a game. For example, recently I decided to shop around for a better rate on my auto insurance. I called an insurance agent who helped me reduce my monthly auto insurance premium by $50. Then, I called the cell phone company and reduced my bill by $58. I also switched cable companies and will save $22 a month.

Pretty amazing, right? My next big challenge is purchasing bunk beds for my daughters. I found brand new bunk beds on eBay for $228. Rather than shell out the money I decided to go through my house, collect items we don’t use anymore, and sell them to earn enough money to pay for the bunk beds. I put some of the items up for sale on eBay and have already accumulated $50 in my PayPal account. It won’t be long now until I have enough money in my PayPal account to purchase the bunk beds. Understanding that I control my money and my money does not control me has been one of the best parts about committing to the spending strike. It opened my eyes to the way in which I was spending, and sometimes wasting, money and allowed me to learn new ways to save and still live a full and happy life.

So what long term changes can you make going forward to save your family money each month? Are there any calls YOU can make to

  • reduce insurance
  • refinance a house
  • change internet or TV options?
  • simplify cell phone coverage

I challenge you to make ONE change TODAY, January 31st, that will save you even just $10 a month going forward. That’s $120 a year! I’d take it. Keilli and John {The Sustainable Couple} are ditching their smart phones and going back to dumb phones!! Read about the decision here. I’m not sure I could do that – but they sure used to work just fine. Could you?

So pick up the phone and make the call! And all that money you saved in January, don’t blow it in February!! If you have credit card debt, use to make a dent. I don’t think you will regret it. And really, my earlier statement about spend, spend, spent – well that was a joke. I didn’t really mean it.

Enjoy your restored spending privileges on February 1st! And watch for a guest post from Laura at Good Not Perfect for budget making tips moving forward!


Friday 31st of January 2014

I put off getting a smart phone for the longest time. I got my first one a year and a few months ago. I could give it up but not Instagram!! I'm hook, line, and sinkered!! Thanks to you and Kelli for doing this!

Michelle Marine

Friday 31st of January 2014

Instagram is also my deal breaker, Amy. Wish there was a way around it!!

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