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Spending Strike Update – Day 14

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spending strike It’s January 14 – 14 days into The Spending Strike. Are you striking? Here’s how we’ve been doing the last week or so. 

The Good News of the Spending Strike Update

spending strike groceries

Last Thursday, I bought groceries for the first time since December 24. I spent $66 – $56 at Aldi. For $56 at Aldi, I got organic apples, organic spring mix, organic spinach, and organic tomatoes; non organic pineapples, grapefruit, mangoes, avocados, cuties, lemons, brussel sprouts, and bananas; non-organic half and half and sour cream {I normally get organic dairy, but I only had time for a quick run in Aldi and they didn’t have organic versions of these items.}; non-organic orange juice concentrate. This is the first time I have seen the organic apples and tomatoes and my Aldi. I was very pleased to find them as I don’t buy non organic apples, ever, any more. This produce is already about half gone. I’ll have to get more very soon.

farm fresh eggs

I also bought 5 dozen farm fresh eggs for a total of $10. They cost $2 a dozen in my little town and are a great alternative to store bought eggs. We’re getting chickens this spring so hopefully, I won’t have to buy eggs anymore at all next year!

I probably must disclose that I had to pay a babysitter while I got groceries. I have a high school girl come over once or twice a week while I catch up on blogging or the college classes I teach. She’s really not optional since I need her to accomplish my job. But I used her on this particular day so I could run errands kid free. It’s impossible to travel with a child in a spica cast and I had several errands which had to be accomplished during business hours. So I did spend some extra money that day, but survival’s rough with a kid who can’t sit up or travel in her car seat!

marine family gypsy pirates

I also saved money by NOT buying pirate outfits for a library event we were part of. Instead, I borrowed a bunch of stuff from a belly-dancing friend and made do with what was in our closet. We had kind of a gypsy pirate look going on, but I think our costumes were awesome, nonetheless. And honestly, whose husband would not be thrilled to run around like that for an afternoon and call his wife a wench??

🙂 Many thanks, Melanie for loaning us your awesome stuff! OH – but I do need to disclose that we spent $10 on snacks while at the library. Good prior planning is key to not spending money and I did not plan ahead for snacks {or lunch…} that day. We were at the library ALL afternoon and our band of rascally pirates got very hungry. Have to feed the masses!

chocolate chip banana breadFinally, I saved money by NOT buying a birthday gift for my father-in-law! Instead, I baked him three loaves of chocolate chip banana bread. He loves this bread and I know that it freezes well, when it makes it to the freezer. Honestly, what do you get the man who has everything he needs anyway? I like to think that he would prefer a handmade gift that won’t clutter up his house. 🙂

The Bad News of the Spending Strike Update

AND finally – my van went back to the shop yesterday. We just spent $1000 in late November fixing a door/battery problem and it quit working again right before Christmas. We’ve had our current van since 2004 and with 165,000+ miles on it, it’s starting to have a lot of problems. We’re currently debating fixing versus replacing… A new vehicle is not an expense we want right now, but a reliable vehicle is a must. I can’t drive around with jumper cables because the dumb thing won’t start. I’ll keep you posted on that decision.

And that’s how our Spending Strike is going! How about you? If you are a blogger, don’t forget to link up to a money saving post or a wrap-up of your own spending strike efforts on Friday! I’ve been tweeting, pinning, and sharing on facebook everyone who links up to a post, so get a post ready!! 🙂

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About Michelle Marine

Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long time green living enthusiast and rural Iowa mom of four. An avid traveler, Michelle has lived on three different continents and has driven all four kids across the entire USA (by herself!). She loves sharing farm-to-table recipes, their family travel adventures, and gardening and homesteading tips on her popular lifestyle blog, SimplifyLiveLove.com.


  1. blankLaura says

    That Aldi trip is inspiring- so glad to hear about their increased organic selection!

    The new van thing is a tough decision. When you are weighing the alternatives of putting more money in it is such a gamble. Who knows, the next fix could get it past 200k miles! We bought a new minivan 2 years ago when I was pregnant with the twins – I used Edmunds to see the true invoice (and the average of what people were actually paying) and emailed bunches of dealers to get them to negotiate against each other. I felt pretty happy with the deal I ended up getting. 🙂

  2. blankFrugal in Tasmania says

    Hi there,

    I have been on spending strike over three months, and I hate spending money now, even on essentials. Which is a bit of a pest since we need to eat. I am loving. How much debt is being repaid, but then I keep berating myself for being so wasteful in the first place. Love your blog.

  3. blankVal - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids says

    Good luck with the rest of your spending strike and the van situation! I frequently give my dad and father-in-law baked goods for their birthdays – favorite pie, favorite cookies, etc. They are both the type of guy who just buys whatever he wants or needs so might as well get him something that he can’t buy – homemade baked goods!

  4. blankJulie says

    I spent £54.20 on the 3rd January I hadn’t shopped since 20th December and we needed fresh fruit milk etc. since then I’ve spent £4.29 on milk and satsumas then this week I spent £19.80 on fresh vegetables fruit and milk so yes it’s going well and the freezer has a little bit of breathing space. This is a brilliant idea and I’m glad I joined! Love the outfits!

  5. blankNaznin Azeez says

    Wow!. You are doing great!. I love the pirate like dresses. your family is adorable!. I wish I could go on a strike like that. If I stayed alone, then probably I could have carried it out. But discussing it with my partner and making it work might be more difficult. Anyways, I love these posts. Keep it up. Sweet and thoughtful gift you gave to your fil. Sweet!

  6. blankShannon says

    I am so jealous that I don’t have an Aldi! That shopping trip was amazing! You have a beautiful family. Sorry about the $1000 repair, bummer.

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