Spica Cast Week 10 – 25 Days Left

We have entered into Week 10 of the SPICA CAST.

I call the thing “evil cast,” but for my daughter, it is just life. It’s amazing to me how resilient she is. Everyone said the cast would be harder on the parents than on the kiddos, and they were right!

Look at this kid! While most toddlers her age have their parents’ shoes on their feet and clod around the best they can, Sara puts them on her hands and crawls!

I didn’t show her how to do this!

She does it, because the spica is her normal right now. She’s not unhappy {most of the time}. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself. She just goes about her life – learning how to be a kid.

That doesn’t mean I’m at peace with this process. I’m so ready to be done! January 30th can’t get here soon enough – 25 days and counting!

If you are about to undertake this journey (or are just starting out): take heart! The time will fly by and normal will return. In the meantime, your baby will go about life with the same enthusiasm and gusto she had before!

Happy New Year from my SPICA baby! May this blog give you some hope that your time will fly by and your baby will be just fine!

And if you happen to be reading from Vancouver, BC, or Eastern Iowa, and need a spcia chair, please contact me. Two spica chairs need new homes and we would be so happy to pass them on!

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  1. This kids do just great don't they. We are 12 weeks in, but unfortunately we are not even half way through yet, but we will survive! Love the piccies, but especially love the funky leg warmers!

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