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Spring into Balance Week 5 – Michelle’s Journal

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Have you guys joined us in the Spring into Balance initiative? I undertook this challenge with the girls at Good Not Perfect a few weeks ago and and am pleased to have made some positive changes in my life in so far. Last week, in the Week 4 Journal post, Emily declared herself the slacker of the group, but I am {proud?} to steal that title for myself this week. After all, it’s Saturday and I am just now writing out my journal entry.

Spring into Balance - a 10 week initiative to do more of what we want to do and less of the drivel that makes up every day life

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention Spring into Balance {because I know you’re not mind readers…} – here’s a quick recap.

Spring into Balance is 10 week initiative from Good Not Perfect and Simplify, Live, Love and is aimed at simplifying, finding time for yourself, and being happier.

In Week 1 we took inventory and wrote down all of our weekly obligations on a paper calendar and Mary shared her journal with us – Mary’s Journal.

Week 2 focused on reflecting and unplugging from our computers and cell phones and other digital distractions and Colleen shared her journal – Colleen’s Journal.

Week 3 focused on scheduling our weeks for peek creative time and Emily shared – Emily’s Journal.  

Week 4 introduced 10 minute tasks and Mary shared again – Mary’s Journal.

Week 5 focused on saving time at home by implementing the 10 minute tasks mentioned in Week 4. And here’s my reflection:

Michelle’s Week 5 Journal

Here I sit on a Saturday morning. I have managed to implement quite a few positive changes in my life so far during the Spring into Balance Initiative. I’ve starting writing many obligations on my kitchen calendar {instead of filing them in my unorganized, defective mental filing cabinet}.

I’m inputting obligations into the digital calendar on my phone, too, as soon as they are scheduled and have learned how to get reminders of obligations a couple days a head of time so I don’t forget. I know, right? You’d think I would have figured that out years ago. I used to write obligations on a slip of paper and convince myself I would add them to my phone calendar later – well – I’m sure you can guess that later never came and by the time I remembered to input to my phone, the slip of paper was gone.

I’m drinking more water. I’m taking my vitamins. I’ve even read a few trashy novels just for fun. 😀


On our Spring Break trip to Georgia and Florida {blog post coming} I really examined my priorities and have made big changes in my life since then. If you’re a long time reader of Simplify, Live, Love, you might notice fewer blog posts recently. And Spring into Balance is the reason! I’ve said repeatedly in recent posts that I am wearing myself too thin.

My biggest priorities are my family and the classes I teach. As much as I love blogging, it has to take a back seat to other obligations.  I’ve got to live my life and I have been doing a much better job of that in 2014. I’ve been enjoying quality time with wonderful friends. Stolen 10 minute moments where I actually read my 3 year of the book she wants me to read instead of telling her I’m too busy. Working on a big homeschooling project with my 8 year old. Hanging out at his Friday coop classes and watching him in action instead of sitting at home typing away on my computer. And actually sitting with my family during Friday Movie Night and enjoying the movie, instead of messing around on my phone or banging away on the computer.

Spring into Balance

I did a good job of implementing 10 minute tasks – I’ve gone to bed with a clean kitchen every night this week – dishes washed, floor swept, table cleared. That’s huge! I’ve also managed to sneak in a few 10 minute organizing sessions. My bookshelves are looking much tidier. Our family closet is on the rebound. I’ve made my children actually earn their allowance by helping out a bit more. But I still have a lot of progress to make. So stay tuned for another recap, in a few weeks.

I’m excited to see what the next few weeks of Spring into Balance will bring!

It’s not too late to join us and get your life in order, too! Please read thru any or all of the posts linked to here and jump right in!

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About Michelle Marine

Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long time green living enthusiast and rural Iowa mom of four. An avid traveler, Michelle has lived on three different continents and has driven all four kids across the entire USA (by herself!). She loves sharing farm-to-table recipes, their family travel adventures, and gardening and homesteading tips on her popular lifestyle blog, SimplifyLiveLove.com.


  1. blankCynthia G. says

    Now you’ve got me motivated to make Spring changes in my life. I need to spend more time face to face with my family, and friends too. Put my calendar ‘in my phone’ so I don’t forget important dates, like a dr’s. appointment I forgot all about, and missed it. I am a note writer, and then I can’t find my notes…I need to put it on my small purse calendar and electronically so I can keep up. I’m doing a better job completing ‘tasks’ for myself. A few days ago, I decided I was worth it, and got my hair cut by a professional, and then, colored my hair (way overdue). I feel great. I’m also doing a vitamin market study that so suppose improve my hair, skin and nails, I’m hoping for great results!

  2. blankNancy Mock says

    This is a great idea, your Spring Into Balance series and the idea of 10-minute bursts to get things accomplished. I’ve been teaching my son how to do this for cleaning his room. He and I are always amazed at how much better it looks after just a short blitz of picking up!

    Nancy at Hungry Enough To Eat Six
    2014 A to Z Challenge Participant

  3. blankJessica N says

    I haven’t thought of these as 10 minute activities but when I have a goal like organizing the kitchen, I tell myself I just have to straighten/clean/organize one drawer or cabinet per day. Eventually it gets organized. Currently I am cleaning out one drawer each time I out away laundry. Ilwith sma children I can’t dedicate an hour to cleaning things out so breaking tasks into small items is helpful. I REALLY need to work on taking the ten minutes for my older two kids, right now my three month old gets the most attention.

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