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How to Turn a Messy Sideboard into a Delicious Spring Centerpiece

Many thanks to ALDI for inspiring me to turn my messy sideboard into a delicious spring centerpiece! While I was compensated to write this post, the opinions are, as always, all mine.

Welcome spring with a delicious spring centerpiece using chocolates, printables, and flowers.

How to Turn a Messy Sideboard into a Delicious Spring Centerpiece

Spring is the perfect time to take a long hard look at your house and jump into cleaning and decluttering. I admit that I sometimes have a problem with piles. Getting to them is always on my list…it’s just never very high up and I can always find an excuse for not tackling my clutter.

Create a fun Easter Display with chocolates, bulbs and printables. How cute is this

Take, for instance, my sideboard. While I don’t have an official sideboard per se, I do have an IKEA cart that I use plan to use as one. Instead of having a cute little sideboard area, thought, my cart is most often just a mess –  piled “important” papers, school book, blogging supplies, and more. I recently cleared off ALL of the clutter and finally turned it into the cute sideboard I had envisioned in my brain! I repurposed items I found around my house and used a free printable picture I found at On Sutton Place, hyacinth bulbs, and ALDI Choceur Easter chocolates.


I love the ALDI Choceur Easter chocolates, because, in addition to being about the cutest little things I’ve ever seen, they are also made in Germany and are UTZ certified (which means they are made with sustainable cocoa). I really appreciate ALDI’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.  It makes me a happy ALDI shopper.

For my “sideboard” transformation, I picked up ALDI’s Choceur Premium Chocolate Easter Bunnies for $1.99 each, Choceur Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs for $2.99 a bag, Choceur Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs for $1.69 a bag, and cute little Choceur hollow bunnies & duckies for $1.99 a bag.

Spring Easter Display Ikea Cart Hack

I was thrilled to use the ALDI Easter chocolates for decor, as I always put them in goodie baskets for Easter. I love them so much and I knew they would be beautiful to add to my spring centerpiece. I’m always thrilled when items have more than one purpose!

 Here’s what I did to transform my messy cart into a delicious spring centerpiece:


First, I removed everything from my cart and gave most of it a new home. Yes – that is seriously what my cart looked like before. Don’t judge me; I’m just keeping it real here! Then, I went on a shopping trip around my house. I picked up a beverage dispenser and added paper grass filled it with the large hollow chocolate eggs. I turned the beverage dispenser’s spout to face the wall so it looks like a large glass jar instead of a beverage dispenser. I put small solid chocolate eggs and more paper grass in a quart sized Mason jar. After googling free Easter printables, I found a gorgeous “Think Spring” picture at On Sutton Place and printed it out. An old frame that used to house a mirror became the perfect new home.

When I went outside to feed my chickens, I found a lovely piece of wood that I set the chocolate Easter bunnies on. My daughter schlepped that wood home from Missouri last fall and it is absolutely perfect in my Easter centerpiece! Finally, I added a piece of burlap and a few hyacinth bulbs for the final touches! I’m really thrilled with the transformation of my old IKEA cart and love its new, fresh spring look!

Welcome spring with a delicious spring centerpiece using chocolates, printables, and flowers.

So, are you ready to transform a mess into something pretty and delicious? I hope you’re inspired! And seriously, add some of those cute ALDI chocolates to your decor or your kids’ Easter baskets. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂 


Julie Pullum

Monday 21st of March 2016

I saw the word messy sideboard in the email and had to see what you had done, it's excellent, looks really lovely and don't you just love the chocolate bunnies from Aldi, we're all grown ups here but we have one each some white chocolate some milk. Don't think I could display them, one of them may lose their head!

Michelle Marine

Monday 21st of March 2016

LOL! I told my kids to keep their hands out or they wouldn't have any Easter chocolates. We had marginal success with that threat. ;-) Thanks for commenting, Julie. <3

Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple

Sunday 20th of March 2016

Fabulous transformation! We probably couldn't keep our hands off the chocolate….

Michelle Marine

Monday 21st of March 2016

I did have to replenish once... ;-)

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