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Hi everyone! I’m Amy from create-play-homeschool. I’m so excited Michelle asked me to be here today!

I’m a lucky mom to four curtain climbers and a handy husband.


 We are avid diy’ers, gardeners, crafters, and interest led homeschoolers. We are currently in the process of renovating our 150 year old farmhouse. We also love to concoct science experiments and play in the dirt all day.

Today I want to share an art project with you. My son is sandwiched between his three sisters and things get pretty girly around here. Sometimes I have to think outside the box on ways to include some more boyish things into our life. Not to mention tame my curtain climbers! This idea for Squirt Gun Art project seems like the perfect way to occupy all 4 kiddos and keep them off the curtains for about 5 minutes. 😉

To make your own Squirt Gun Art, run and find those squirt guns!

squirt gun art

squirt gun art

For this project, you’re also going to need something to paint on. I grabbed artist canvases but you can use a white sheet, a piece of poster board, or whatever you can find.  You’ll also need pack of squirt guns (mine came from dollar tree), and some washable tempera paint – the runnier the better.

squirt gun art

Take the plug out of your squirt gun. You want about a half paint, half water consistency. If it’s too thick the paint won’t squirt through the gun.

Pour the paint directly into the hole on the top of the squirt gun. Put your water in them and shake them up. I test them and make sure they’re ready. My kids get mighty impatient if something doesn’t work right.


squirt gun art

You should be ready to go grab some kiddos! 

squirt gun art

squirt gun art
squirt gun art

Success! All three kids were running back and forth from the house for more water. 

squirt gun artThe finished projects!! Aren’t the fabulous??

I’m thinking a game of paintball only with squirt guns might be a fun activity to try with these guys too! 

It was great to be here – I hope you enjoy the Squirt Gun Art project! For more fun projects, head over to Create-Play-Homeschool!

Thanks for reading and thank you Michelle for having me!

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