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Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion

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After the winter that seemed to never end, I have already started griping about summer humidity and nasty gnats – it’s official you guys. Summer is coming to Eastern Iowa. And that means a new beauty look is in order for the warmer temperatures. I’m so happy I’ve found summer makeup perfect for the fair & freckled skin I have.

Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion

I’m pretty excited to partner with the Moody Sisters and show you some of their handmade organic summer makeup  – perfect for the fair & freckled complexion that I have! {But don’t worry – if you aren’t fair and freckled like me – they also have the right shades of makeup for you too!}

fair n freckled make up from the Moody Sisters

Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion

Truth be told, I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis other than mascara. Mascara is a definite must have for me because my eye lashes are as see-through blond as my eye brows. When I go out on the town, which isn’t often, I add a bit of blush and some eye shadow. And if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll add some color to my lips. The Moody Sisters sent me an assortment of mineral makeup a couple months ago, and I’ve been using it long enough now to know that I am pretty thrilled with everything they sent me:

Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion Moody Sisters Makeup

Moody Sisters Mineral Makeup

Black Mascara – As I’ve said already, mascara is my one go-to must wear every single day. I just hate my blond eye lashes. They may be what I consider to be my worst feature. This mascara is easy to put on, and easy to take off. It does smear a tad in high humidity, but I’ll take that minor inconvenience over toxic ingredients.

Flirty Eye Shadow – a light pink shade that I never thought I could wear. I loved it though, and apparently someone else loved it too, because it disappeared from my hotel room while on a trip to Springfield, Missouri a few weeks ago. I tore the room apart looking for it, but it was not there. 🙁

Peachy Blush – I love this color! It’s fun and perfect for my tones.

Plum Kissed Lip Gloss – Another fun color. The lip gloss tastes fine and doesn’t leave any nasty films or residues on my lips, as some lip color I’ve tried before does.

Berry in the Mood Sugar Scrub –  This is such a nice way to exfoliate your skin, improve skin tone, and feel. And guys, this sugar scrub smells good enough to eat. I love it!!!

Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair &

I turned 41 this year and have a lot new additions – mostly lines and bags around my eyes – that I’m not really thrilled with. My biggest challenge other than those lines is my fair skin and blonder than blond eye lashes and brows. I have a hard time picking out makeup colors that I like, but everything I chose online at Moody Sisters is a perfect fit! I’m happy to have a safe mascara to at least give me some eye lashes and a bit of color to add some interest to my face!

Moody Sister Fair & Freckled Makeup

I love the Moody Sister skin care and makeup. They have a fun story you won’t want to miss and their dedication to organic skincare remedies is impressive. In this day and age when you just can’t trust the chemicals of most commercial products, sisters Jess & Whitney provide a desperately needed, safe skin care and makeup alternative. I highly recommend trying out their products. Head over to the Moody Sisters blog!

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  1. blankKelli @ The Sustainable Couple says

    The Mint Juliup sounds great! Especially for the sticky, hot summer weather coming up. Refreshing 🙂

  2. blankMelissa says

    I would love to try the berry in the mood, mint is a close second though!

    So glad to have found this brand. With being a red head myself my skin is very sensitive and I was looking for new skin care items!

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