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Sun, Sand, Sea Gulls, and Sunburns…

We spent the day today at the beach: 8 children, 2 moms, and ONE dad…we were quite a sight! And I heard some funny comments from passersby. {I’ll leave the exact comments up to your imagination.}

The requests were high:

From Ben – “I want to see dolphins.”

From Cora – “I want to find nice shells.”

From Anna – “I want a starfish I can take home to Iowa.”

From me – “I want a gentle beach where I don’t have to worry about my kids…”

Luckily…we have great friends. They delivered on all counts that mattered. Sadly, Anna was unable to find a starfish to take home to Iowa, but she had so much fun doing other things, she forgot. Please don’t remind her. 😉 Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day:

My 2 redheaded babies.

Redheaded friends.

Cookie snatching sea-gulls

A sea-gull

My spica girl

Daddy and his baby

Three friends examining a shell

Babies having a conversation

Last, but not least, a real, live dolphin!!

Now, as long as we have enough aloe vera to get us through the night…we’ll be good.


  1. Welcome to Florida, glad you're having fun. If you need sunburn relief, gently rub some good ole white vinegar over the burn. You'll smell like a potato chip, but definately feel less crispy.

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