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Garden Update 10/2 ~ Saving Beans for Seeds

It’s official. I let the weeds get my garden. I dug up all of potatoes and I’m still picking a few tomatoes, kale, broccoli, and peppers, but the nights are getting cooler and my garden doesn’t like it that much. None of my fall plants have done much and honestly, I’m done gardening. I don’t have the time right now.

This is my garden haul from last week. My pepper plants look cold – they won’t be around much longer – and the tomatoes are slowing down too. The kale looks great, though, and so does my broccoli. I’ve got a few fall peas coming – we’ll see if they become anything.

One thing I am trying for the first time this year, is saving a few seeds. Beans seem to be a good seed to start with, so here’s what I’ve done to save bean seeds for next year!

This is what’s left of my bean plants. They look pretty bad, so this may not be the best experiment. They were hit really hard by Japanese beetles. Anyhow, the first step is to check out your biggest and most healthy looking plants – if there are any beans that have dried on the plants, pick them!

If the beans are squishy or not quite dry, leave them. You really want to get the driest beans so that your seeds don’t mold and ruin the batch. You can see a slightly green bean in my bowl – I threw that one out. Shouldn’t have picked it in the first place.

Then, shell the beans and spread them out on a pan to dry. I’m not really sure how long to let them dry. I’ll probably just put them in my cellar and leave them there for a few weeks. Then, I’ll bad them up and save them for next year! I’m curious how it works!

Have you saved your own seeds before? How did it work for you?

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