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Succulent Container Garden DIY

I really noticed succulents last year for the first time and instantly fell in love. What’s not to like about them? They’re pretty to look at and hardy, easy to grow plants. I’ve been wanted to make a succulent planter for a long time, but never found the right plants. 

Succulent Planter DIY

That all changed recently when I headed to a new to me garden center and found the mother-load of succulent plants for sale for $3 each! I was so excited that I almost bought one of all of them. But I made myself stop at 11, because I already had a gorgeous hen and chicks plant at home to add to the mix. Here’s what I did with them!

Succulent Container Garden DIY

Really, you guys. As with most of my projects, this one is so easy. Just find a bunch of succulents, a nice pot, and get some succulent dirt. Then put it all together and you’re done!

Succulent Planter DIYCollage

I found my succulents at a place called Garden Greenhouse. If you’re in Eastern Iowa and would like to go there, it’s definitely off the beaten path, located just outside Blue Grass off Coon Hunters Road from Hwy 61 – 12577 95the Ave, Blue Grass, Iowa. I didn’t find a website for them, but they’re open from 8 am to 7 pm and have a nice, reasonably priced assortment of plants. They also have pre-made succulent gardens, if you’d rather buy one, but I thought it was cheaper and more fun to make my own.

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