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Must Have Items for Home Drop Zone Organization

Drop Zone Re-Do. Creating an organized drop area for busy families. Part 1. From SimplifyLiveLove.com

Thank you to CE Supply Store for sponsoring this post on Home Drop Zone Organization. A place for everything, and everything in its place. That’s the key to good home organization, right? I hear it all the time. Just put your stuff away, every day, and you’ll live in a tidy space. Pretty easy, right? But oh so hard in reality, at least for me. I swear I am reforming – one of these days I will have organized spaces, but until I do, I’m sharing before and after plans and my reality with you. ¬†I’m starting with home drop zone organization because I am sick and tired of being greeted by the mess the instant I walk into my house – it does nothing but put me in a bad mood right away.

My Current Drop Zone – The Entrance to Our Home

After two years of living in a messy barn while we built our #passiveaggressivehouse (that was supposed to be organized, streamlined, and efficient from the beginning), we’re finally in the house and have been since mid September! Yay for that! But, the reality—> the house is not finished and I’ve been massively frustrated by the lack of closets and organizational areas which is why I haven’t shared much since the move-in. Imagine having no place to put away anything – your clothes, your toiletries, your laundry detergent. No place to hang your coats or put your shoes. ¬†That’s my reality right now, as I wait on Dan to build the closets to finish the house. It’s one of those stories you might well know: the cobblers kids have no shoes – the builder’s wife has no finished home. That’s been my life for ever. My husband the builder is a great project finisher for other people. He just doesn’t have the time right now to focus on our home.

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