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Grocery Shopping Update – Non-GMO Shopping Challenges

Last week, I shared my decision to take my family gmo-free. Even though I have paid some attention to the gmo issue in the past, I took a good hard look at all of the food I buy and decided to make even more changes to reduce the number of gmos we consume. We are now half way through November and I thought I’d share with you what has changed about the way I grocery shop.

Grocery Shopping Update – Non-GMO Shopping Challenges

How I grocery shop

It might be helpful to explain how I normally grocery shop to show you what’s changed. I normally do one big Costco run each month. I also generally order each month from Azure Standard.  {If you haven’t heard of Azure Standard, here are my tips from ordering from them! It’s an awesome company and they deliver wonderful food to my area once a month.}

Additionally, I make weekly run(s) to grocery stores when I’m in Muscatine where I work out and take my kids for a lot of homeschooling activities. I normally shop at Aldi, but since I made this decision to go non-gmo, I’ve been going to HyVee a few more times because they have a bigger health food market for a larger selection of organics.

I buy the bulk of my groceries from Costco and Azure Standard, and then I fill in with fresh needs (milk, veggies, and fruit) once a week or whenever I make local runs.

What I bought and how it’s different than before

Grocery Shopping Update - Non-GMO Shopping Challenges
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Changing the Way I Grocery Shop

My grocery shopping habits have changed a lot of the years. I’ve gone from shopping primarily in military commissaries to shopping on the economy; from shopping many times a week to once a month and back again; from having plenty of money to grocery shop, to having very little money to spend; from using a lot of coupons, to using very few; and finally becoming very picky about ingredients. That leads me today to admit to you that I am changing the way I grocery shop even more now.

Fullscreen capture 11112014 74229 AM

Changing the Way I Grocery Shop

While I have long tried to avoid many food ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors, I have not avoided them altogether. More so, I’ve shopped by the philosophy everything in moderation – trying to make sure that I counter balance bad stuff with good stuff. I didn’t stress about buying a few products with ingredients I wasn’t thrilled about because compared to the carts I often see filled to the brim with processed crap, my cart still looks pretty darn good – filled with whole grains, dairy products, and fruits and veg.
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Azure Standard Order for April

I’m back home from our family vacation to warmer weather and trying to get back in the swing of things. I’m not gonna lie to you – I enjoyed not worrying much about this whole blog thing while I was gone! I’m having a hard time picking it back up. 🙂

However, it’s that time of month again when Azure Standard orders are due. I’ve had my order ready for a couple of days now and thought it was high time to share it with you since quite a few of you expressed interest last month when I shared my March order!

Azure Standard Order for April

Azure Standard Order for April

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My Azure Standard Order for March

Last week, I posted general tips on how to order from Azure Standard, and today, I’m sharing more specific information. If you’re in Iowa/Illinois/Indiana and looking for a drop, you’re likely part of my delivery route – the Q1 line. If you put in your zip code here, you will see all of the established drop routes pop up.

Azure Standard Iowa/Illinois DropsThe little pins on this map represent the established drops within a 200 mile radius of my zip code. This is a really handy little interactive map. If you click on the pin closest to you, you can see the exact address for the delivery drop, and also the drop coordinator’s name.

If you’re part of the Iowa/Illinois/Indiana delivery route, the order deadline for a March delivery is 6 pm Tuesday (March 25). That means you have to get your order in by 6 pm to have a delivery in March. If you submit your order at 6:01 pm, you’ll have to wait until April. Just a word of caution, if you’re a procrastinator like me. 😀

But anyway, this post is supposed to be about my order! And here it is:

Azure Order for March
We’re going to be gone for half of March so I didn’t order as much as I might have otherwise. I’m excited to get a bunch of organic potatoes for a wonderful price since I’m finally out of potatoes from my garden. I’m splitting those 50 lb with a friend. I’ve also got a bunch of blueberries and butter and baking powder on this order.
Azure blueberriesI’ve ordered these blueberries before and we love them. They aren’t organic, but the grower pledges to use no pesticides unless absolutely necessary. I love that Azure Standard gives this level of details on the products they sell!

Direct links to items I’m ordering are here:



Baking Soda


Other things I usually order:



A couple other details I forgot to include on my post last week – Azure requires a $50 order or there’s a $5  handling fee. There’s also a shipping surcharge to pay Covenant Ranch Trucking for delivering the goodies to us – and that is 8% of the order total – but I believe that depends on your location. You might notice that on my order (picture #2), it only includes a subtotal. That’s because my order can change – they might run out of those fabulous potatoes, for example, and I won’t get them. I’m not charged until my goodies leave the warehouse. At that point, I’ll get a confirmation email with my order total on it that will include the exact order plus the 8% shipping and handling charge.

If you’re on a delivery route, you should connect with Covenant Ranch Trucking on Facebook and sign up for delivery information text alerts here. It’s nice to have these texts in case there are any delivery delays due to weather or truck issues. In all the years I’ve been ordering from Azure Standard, there have only been two bad delays – the last two months – due to the stellar winter weather we’ve had this year.

And that’s that.  Hopefully, between  last week’s post and this post, you should have a pretty good idea about how to order from Azure Standard!

Did you get your order in? I’d love to hear what you got!