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Make Sure to Stop at the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

Labeled the most popular tourist attraction in Iowa by Time Magazine and TripAdvisor The Iowa 80 Trucking Museum is a fun stop if you’re driving across Iowa on Interstate 80, or happen to be in the area. It’s also a free museum (donations happily accepted), so there’s no reason to skip it!

old concrete truck at the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

Make Sure to Stop at the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

I was happy for the diversion earlier in the week at the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum in Walcott, Iowa! We drive by this place all the time and I never even knew it was there.  But it was really quite neat. Not at all what I expected, but very neat nonetheless.

Let me give you a quick tour of some of the things we enjoyed most.electric milk truck at iowa 80 trucking museumAn electric milk truck from the turn of the century – it delivered fresh milk in Chicago for many years. Why could they succeed with electric trucks in the early 1900s but we can’t figure it out today??

mail truck on skiis at the Iowa 80 trucking museumA US Mail truck on skis… ūüėČ I love to ski. This really cracked me up.

THE wrecker from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes! I don’t really remember the movie much, but it’s still pretty cool, eh?

Wooden peg truck wheels at the Iowa 80 Trucking MuseumPeg wheels made out of wood, anyone? Eh, no thanks…

my 3 cute kids at the Iowa 80 Trucking MuseumThree of my super cute children. I can’t resist an opportunity to show them off! I can’t believe how big they’re all getting!!

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

Worth a Visit –¬†Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

If you’d like to pop in to the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum, their summer hours (from Memorial Day through Labor Day) are Monday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm, and Sundays noon – 5pm. In the winter, they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, otherwise the hours are the same.

I appreciate museums like the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum. My small children enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and it is free if you can’t give a donation. I’m sure everyone has times in their lives when they could use a little free entertainment. This is a fun place to go. Make sure you stop by.

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Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

How to Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

It’s fun and easy to¬†grow your own Easter Grass!¬† And it doesn’t even take that all. You only need a few supplies and about a week! So keep reading and try something new this year. Your kids will have a lot fun with this easy Easter project.Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass with this tutorial. You only need a few days!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my links.*

How to grow your own Easter Basket Grass in less than a week!

Growing your own Easter basket grass is pretty simple process that anyone can do. I’m thrilled that we’re growing our own Easter basket grass this year instead of buying plastic stuff that ends up in the landfill. Growing your own wheat grass baskets has long been a tradition in Waldorf homeschooling circles as a way to welcome spring, and we enjoy it a lot!

Welcome Spring - How to make Waldorf Wheat Grass Baskets-cora

Supplies needed to grow your own Easter Basket Grass

  • Baskets – we picked up 88 cent baskets at Goodwill the other day. They had tons to choose from in all price ranges. I made my kids stick to the 88 cent baskets though because I’m cheap like that. We also have used these metal buckets and love them as well. They are fabulous for repurposing after Easter and using for lots of other projects.
  • Organic potting soil
  • Plastic wrap {or plastic liners for the baskets}
  • Wheat Berries {soaked in water for 24 hours prior} OR grass seed would work fine, too. Wheat berries are the product of the wheat plant and are ground to make flour. You should be able to find them in the organic or bulk section of your grocery store, or you can buy a bag of Bob’s Red Mill wheat berries on Amazon too and have them shipped to your house in two days if you have Amazon Prime.
  • Spray bottle

The most important step: soak the wheat berries overnightWelcome Spring - How to make Waldorf Wheat Grass Baskets-meabh

Mae sure to soak the wheat berries overnight. The night before you plan to start your basket, place the wheat berries in a bowl and cover them with water to soak overnight. I used about 10¬†cups of wheat berries for the six baskets we made and we had enough to do many ¬†more baskets. Make sure the water covers them completely as they will soak it all up. You can get wheat berries from the bulk section at the grocery store, from a health food store, Amish store, or Azure Standard¬†– you can even order them on Amazon Prime and have them at your door in 2 days. They’re actually a pantry staple I always have on hand since I grind them to make my own flour for bread I bake, like this whole wheat potato bread.

How to make waldorf wheat grass baskets to welcome spring

  • Then, line a basket with plastic wrap if you don’t have a basket liner.
  • Add a couple inches of soil, and then top with the soaked wheat berries.
  • Make sure the berries are still nice and moist. If not, spritz them with a water sprayer.
  • Cover them with plastic wrap to keep in the moisture.
  • Make sure to keep spritzing the berries with water. Don’t let them dry out or they won’t grow.

How to Make Waldorf Wheat Grass Baskets-day 2

On the very next day after you’ve planted the berries, you should already notice them growing! Make sure to keep them moist as they grow. Just keep spraying them with water. You might¬†have to water them every day.

And that’s it – that’s all there is to it.

Here’s how quick it is to grow your own Easter Basket Grass!

Grow your own Easter Wheat Grass Basket

See how fast this grass grows! 4-5 days is all you need my friends! What are you waiting for?

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It's actually a lot easier to grow your own Easter Grass than you may think. And it doesn't even take that all. All you need is a few supplies and about a week! So keep reading and try something new this year!

Welcome Spring! We’re glad you’re back. We’re looking forward to warmth and light.

Is It Your Welcome or You’re Welcome? Which One is Right?

Is it¬†Your welcome or you’re welcome? If you want to be grammatically correct, you need to read this quick answer to a common grammar error!Is it Your Welcome or You're Welcome? If you're second guessing which one is the proper English grammar usage, double check with this quick 5 minute grammar lesson!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I earn me a small commission on your purchase.*

Is it Your welcome or You’re welcome?

Which one is it? YOUR welcome¬†or YOU’RE welcome? This such a common error in texting, on facebook, in blog posts. Everywhere. It’s horrible. And the wrong choice makes me vomit a little bit each time I see this error.

There’s only one right answer, though. Do YOU know which one it is? If you guess, YOU’RE WELCOME, you are correct, my friend!

Why is it You’re welcome anyway?

YOUR is a possessive pronoun. There is nothing possessive in YOUR welcome so you can’t use it in this instance.

The correct answer is YOU’RE welcome. YOU’RE is a contraction for YOU ARE and the technical phrase is YOU ARE WELCOME. Therefore, the second choice is the only one that can be correct.

Should you even say You’re welcome??¬†

Saying you’re welcome is something we are taught automatically to do. It’s the polite answer to THANK YOU and it’s ingrained in polite society. The Huffington Post wrote an interesting essay on why you should rethink saying You’re welcome, though. You are welcome essentially means that you accept the gratitude of the person who said thank you. The Huffington Post article offers that a more powerful statement would be, “I know you’d do the same for me.” They argue that statement shifts the balance of power! It’s an interesting article and you can read it here.

Is it Your welcome or you're welcome? Not sure which one? Here's a quick five-minute grammar lesson on the difference between your and you're and when to use which!

If you didn’t know the right answer, YOU’RE WELCOME for this post! ūüėČ

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If you’re looking for helpful grammar resources, here are my top picks:

Grammarly –¬†Instantly fix over 250 types of errors with this free web-based grammar checker!

Strunk & White Elements of Style

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation 

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation 

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30+ Valentine’s Day Books for Kids of All Ages!

¬† Looking for a few new Valentine’s Day books this year? This list includes Valentine books for toddlers, Valentine books for preschoolers, and Valentine books for older elementary children as well! Enjoy sharing these lovely books with¬† your kiddos this Valentine’s Day.
Looking for a few new Valentine's Day books this year? This list includes Valentine books for toddlers, Valentine books for preschoolers, and Valentine books for older elementary children as well! Enjoy sharing these lovely books with  your kiddos this Valentine's Day!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission on your purchase. Thank you for supporting my site.*

Valentine’s Day Books

Here’s a collection of Valentine’s Day Books for kids of all ages. Check them out from the local library or add a few to your personal library. Do you have a favorite we didn’t share? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list! Enjoy these books with your kids!

Valentine's Day Books to Read with Kids featured

Valentine Books for Toddlers

You will love this collection of¬† Valentine books for toddlers. They’re all board books so you don’t have to worry about destructive kiddos harming the books, but I’m sure you toddlers are model children and not destructive at all, right? ūüėČ

Llama Llama I Love You

Ollie’s Valentine

Where Is Baby’s Valentine?: A Lift-the-Flap Book¬†

I Spy Little Hearts

Snuggle Puppy! 

Baby Touch and Feel I Love You

How Many Do I Love You: A Valentine Counting Book 

My Fuzzy Valentine (Sesame Street)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

Valentine’s: Lift-a-Flap Board Book

Click, Clack, Moo I Love You!

more Valentine's Day books for kids

Valentine Books for Preschool

From Fancy Nancy to Pete the Cat to Berenstain Bears and Curious George, these books include some of my kids most favorite literary characters. You and your preschool age children (and early elementary as well!) will love the Valentine books for preschool on this list!

A Valentine for Ms. Vanilla

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool

The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Blessings

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts

Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Love

Froggy’s First Kiss

Clifford’s Valentines (Scholastic Reader, Level 1)

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine

Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine’s Day

Wrecking Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Books for Older Elementary Kids

Valentine’s Day is not just for young kids. My older elementary kiddos love to read about Valentine’s Day too! Here are a few books that are more appropriate for older children. I’d love to hear if you have ideas not included on this list!

A Short History of Valentine’s Day (Holiday Histories)

The Story of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day (Holiday Histories)

Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids

200+ Valentine’s Day : Knock Knock Jokes, Tongue Twisters, Riddles, & Short Stories for Kids

Spot the Differences: Valentine’s (Puzzle Books for Kids Book 3)

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Looking for a few new Valentine's Day books this year? This list includes Valentine books for toddlers, Valentine books for preschoolers, and Valentine books for older elementary children as well! Enjoy sharing these lovely books with  your kiddos this Valentine's Day!