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Kid Approved Italian Stuffed Peppers in 5 Easy Steps

Make these kid approved Italian Stuffed Peppers in only 5 easy steps! They’re healthy, delicious, easy to make and they freeze well too! Made with fresh sweet peppers, orzo, and Ragu’s Homestyle Sauce, these stuffed peppers are sure to be a hit for your next family dinner.

Italian Stuffed Peppers with Orzo and Ragu Homestyle Sauce

I’ve spent many years living and traveling overseas – over nine total years in Germany as a child and college student and another three in Japan as an adult. Travel within Europe is so easy and everything is relatively close so you can image that we didn’t just stay put in Germany {or Japan for that matter}. Although I loved visiting every place I’ve been in Europe and Asia, Italy holds a special place in my heart.


When I was only eight or nine years old, my family drove our brown and white VW bus to Italy with my grandparents and my Great Uncle Edgar. While I don’t have too many vivid memories of that trip, I do remember bits and pieces and I have a couple of fun pictures to share with you from that great Italian vacation, like this one of us in a gondola in Venice. I’m the blondie with the bangs and the big cheeks sitting on my grandma’s lap, and I’m half hidden behind my Great Uncle Edgar. My dad’s got the killer mustache, and my red-headed sister Amy is sitting on my mom’s lap. 😀

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Quick One Pan Greek Chicken with Feta & Olives

This quick One Pan Greek Chicken is one my all time favorite Mediterranean recipes. It’s sure to become a favorite of yours too – perfect for casual dinner parties or fun family meals. Add it to you meal plan today!This one pan Greek chicken w/ feta cheese & Greek olives is one of my fave Mediterranean recipes. Perfect recipe = Quick to prep, clean up, and cook! #ad

One Pan Greek Chicken – One of my fave recipes

I love this main dish recipe I simply call One Pan Greek Chicken because it has my favorite ingredients – garlic, oregano, Greek olives and feta cheese. Could you survive on olives and feta alone? I might be able too. 🙂

This quick recipe is perfect for busy nights. Because you cook everything in one dish, clean up is a breeze! To make this quick one pan Greek Chicken recipe, simply saute a delicious organic chicken breast in olive oil and butter, top with olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese! Viola! A crowd-pleasing main dish recipe to share with friends and family at all the holiday parties. You’re welcome.

Let’s get started on this One Pan Greek Chicken!

This one pan Greek chicken w/ feta cheese & Greek olives is one of my fave Mediterranean recipes. Perfect recipe = Quick to prep, clean up, and cook! #ad

First, gather your ingredients. Mezzetta’s  Greek-Style Feta Cheese Stuffed Olives and Pitted Greek Kalamata Olives taste spectacular in this Yummy Greek Chicken. You’ll also need a good feta cheese. Try to find one that’s stored in brine, no dry feta cheese for this dish, please. Cherry tomatoes, red onion, garlic, oregano, olive oil, butter, and chicken breast, plus salt and pepper round out the ingredients you’ll need.

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Be a Butterfly Hero – Grow a Butterfly Garden in a Pot


Did you know that the monarch butterfly population has declined by over 90% in the last few years and over 30% of the butterfly habitats have been destroyed due to modern agricultural and gardening practices? It’s a very sad fact, but it’s true.

Be a Butterfly Hero - Grow a Butterfly Garden in a Pot #ad #Monrovia

Luckily, you can help by growing a butterfly garden to provide food and habitats to these important insects. If you think you need a lot of room to grow a butterfly garden, think again! All you need is a nice pot and the right plants. Here’s how you can be a butterfly hero by growing your own butterfly garden in a pot!

Be a Butterfly Hero – Grow a Butterfly Garden in a Pot

How to Plant a Butterfly Garden in a Pot #Monrovia #ad-010


  • Plants that attract butterflies and also are suited to container growing. I  learned about the plants on Monrovia’s website, but  I bought my plants while we were in Missouri as our gardening centers aren’t stocking very many plants yet and theirs were. But did you know that you can also order plants directly online and have them shipped to your gardening center? Yes! Shipping is free to the garden center of your choice. Head over to  Shop Monrovia to find the perfect plants for you!

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