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5 Tips for Decorating for Fall

It’s time for fall decorating. These 5 fall decorating tips will help even the most challenged decorators set up a cute fall scene.top 5 tips for decorating for the fall

Are you looking for tips for decorating for fall? I love the fall and it’s my favorite season to decorate for! I get excited every time the seasons change and I always say I love whatever season is next, but really, fall is my favorite -the colors – the oranges and the reds and the browns, the foliage on the trees and the bushes. Don’t you just love it? I’m not a huge decorating guru, but the natural materials that are available in the fall speak to me and beg to be displayed!

This year, we’re living in our Passive-Aggressive House and my porch isn’t finished yet, so I don’t really have anything to decorate outside at my house, sadly. But that doesn’t mean I’m not inspired by years past and all the pretty planters I’m seeing right now.

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