Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 11/19

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Thanksgiving is upon us! YAY!!! I love, love, love, love Thanksgiving leftovers. Did I mention I love Thanksgiving leftovers? 😉

Thanksgiving has evolved quite a lot for my family. Our Thanksgivings used to be spend with military friends when we lived overseas – since we were all far away from our families, we used to all get together and celebrate together. Thanksgivings with our friends were an awful lot of fun. When my hubs and I moved back to the States, I started cooking the entire meal for my family who would come to our home, where ever we were. When we moved back to Iowa, Thanksgivings were always spent at my husband’s grandpa’s house. His grandfather remarried after his first wife died at a young age, and Thanksgiving and Easter were the two holidays the huge blended family spent together. After his grandfather passed away almost two years ago, my husband’s mother took over hosting this meal. It’s a fun event, but I kind of miss micromanaging the meal myself…

Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan ~ 11/5

One of MY favorite bloggers is Jessica from Good, Cheap Eats and Life as Mom. I love the recipes she shares – they’re both easy to make and fabulously delicious. When her new cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook, was released earlier this fall, I pre-ordered it. It’s the first cookbook I’ve bought in a long time and the first book ever that I have pre-ordered. I’ve finally had a chance to look through it these last few days and my weekly menu this week is inspired by her cookbook.

The last two months I made a monthly meal plan. The first month I stuck to it really well, but last month failed miserably. So I’m back to a weekly plan for now…

Breakfasts ~

  • Breakfast Casserole that’s not Mushy
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes (extra pancake mix for the fridge)
  • Nutella French Toast w Berries
  • Toast with Egg & Sausage
  • Fruit & Cinnamon Rolls
  • Yogurt Parfaits

You can find links to many of my breakfast recipes on my Favorite Breakfasts Pinterest Board

Lunches ~

  • Bean Burritos {extra beans for the freezer}
  • Nachos
  • PB & J Sandwiches
  • Left overs
  • Zesty Italian Melts {extra for the freezer}

Dinners ~

  • Canadian Bacon & Mushroom Calzones {Pizza dough from my freezer}
  • Baked Manicotti with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Thyme {From Jessica’s cookbook. I picked a bunch of green tomatoes that turned red! So I get to make one last batch of my fabulous Roasted Tomato Sauce.}
  • Split Pea Soup with Bacon & Thyme {from Jessica’s cookbook}
  • Ham Casserole from my Freezer Meal Exchange Group
  • Greek Chicken – my own recipe creation…
  • Chicken Fajitas on homemade tortillas {dough from my freezer}
  • Broccoli Gratin with Tarragon and Buttered Bread Crumbs {from Jessica’s cookbook}

While I haven’t actually made any of the recipes from this cookbook yet, I have made dozens of the recipes she shares on her blog. I’ll share one of these recipes with you after I make the dish. Do you see one that you’d like me to share? And do you have a favorite cookbook you’d like to share with me??

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Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan ~ 10/1

How did it get to be October all ready? ARGH! Time is flying by. Before you know, it’s going to be Christmas!! Last month I tried my hand at planning out my menu for the entire month at once. It worked out all right. I guess I made about 75% of my meal ideas – which is about all I make any given week anyway. I really liked the way planning the entire month at a time allowed me to shop in a more organized manner at the beginning of the month. I enjoyed staying out of grocery stores, for the most part, and think it may have saved me a bit of money in the long run. That’s always nice!

I decided that I would plan October all at once, too. But, I’m organizing it a bit differently – on Pinterest! We’re pretty busy this month with a weekend trip to Missouri for my 20th high school reunion and also a 4 day business trip for my husband and I. I’ve been busy pinning meals to my October Meals Board and I plan to use it each week to come up with my weekly game plan.