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How to Prepare Seed Potatoes for Planting

Isn’t it wonderful when spring finally arrives and the ground is ready to work? I’m always so excited when my seed potatoes finally arrive months after placing the order – I’m ready to get them in the ground ASAP. But before you plant seed potatoes,¬†there are a couple easy things you should do to maximize your harvest.

How to prepare seed potatoes for plantingI started growing potatoes about five years ago and they have quickly become one of my favorite veggies to grow. They’re easy, they’re fun, and harvesting them is like going on a treasure hunt. I also feel like I get a big bang for my buck – conventional potatoes are very heavily treated with chemicals and are at the top of the dirty dozen list, so I prefer to buy organic potatoes. However, organic potatoes aren’t that easy to find and they’re expensive. Growing my own potatoes is a great option for me.

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Scalloped Potatoes and Bacon for Slow Cookers

I’ve been giving my crockpot a workout the last couple of weeks. It’s helping me a lot to get dinner on the table at an earlier time. Honestly, we usually eat kind of late – around 7 pm, but with 3 kids in an assortment of sports, activities, and¬†practices, it’s really important that I feed my family earlier right now. I’ve tried out a lot of different recipes recently, and this one, Scalloped Potatoes and Bacon for Slow Cookers, is a winner!

Scalloped Potatoes and Bacon for Slow Cookers

scalloped potatoes and bacon for crockpots
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How to Store Potatoes Over Winter

How to store potatoes over winter

2014 marks the second year I have planted potatoes following the no-dig potato planting method. I first tried this method in 2013 after reading about it in my Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. Last year, I had an awesome potato harvest – well over 200 pounds. And this year, I ended up with about the same. I don’t have quite as many to store this year because we’ve eaten more of them so far, but since many people have asked me how my potatoes fared last year, I thought it was time for a post!

My method of potato storage last year was really high tech. I threw all my potatoes together in wooden bushel baskets I found a while back at Goodwill (they’re for sale on Amazon too, if you’re looking for some) and then stored them in my barn kitchen. When I needed potatoes, I just grabbed some out of the baskets and cooked them. A few did rot, but for the most part, my family of 6 was able to eat most of them over the winter and spring with little spoilage.

Since then, I have been thinking maybe I should do a better job of storing my potatoes. So, I’ve done a bit of research and here’s what I fount out.

How to Store Potatoes Over Winter

Plant the right type of potato

I planted four types of potatoes this year, and one criteria I always look for when choosing which varieties to plant is how well they store. Some potatoes, like Yukon Gold, are better keepers than other potatoes. For a comprehensive list of potatoes types and qualities, read this article from WSU, or read seed catalog descriptions too. That’s what I do, and here’s a list of my favorite free seed catalogs.

This year, I planted about 18 plants of each of the following potato varieties:

  • Yukon Gold
  • Kennebec
  • Purple Viking
  • Yellow Finn

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