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Healthy New Years Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Them

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Healthy New Years Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Them from SimplifyLiveLove.com

There are all sorts of healthy new years resolution ideas – from getting more sleep, to reducing stress, to losing weight. Wanting to improve overall health is a lofty goal and one many people should strive to achieve. The problem is actually achieving news years resolutions is harder than it sounds. According to Forbes, only 8% of people who set new years resolutions actually achieve them! If you’re interested in improving your overall health this year, here are a few ideas for you, as well as tips so you can actually achieve your goals and make getting healthier a priority in 2016!

Healthy lifestyle background. Colorful sketch style objects, items and food.

Healthy New Years Resolution Ideas

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Have a Hilarious Family Game Night with the Pie Face Game

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Have a Hilarious Game Night with the Pie Face Game by Hasbro from SimplifyLiveLove.com #PieFace #IC #ad

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing’s going right? The house is a mess. The laundry’s piled up, the work is never ending and the kids are getting on your last nerve? Yeah, me neither. But I’ve heard it happens from time to time. And if it ever happens to you, it’s the perfect time to pull out the new Pie Face game by Hasbro and let the whipped cream fly. It’s guaranteed to make your kids howl with laughter, and if you’re lucky, it might even convince them to take a bath and wash their hair. This silly game is sure to liven up a bad situation and turn it into a hilarious day! 😀

Have a Hilarious Family Game Night with the Pie Face Game

Have a Hilarious Family Game Night with the Pie Face Game #PieFace

Pie Face is a really simple game and seems to me to be a good excuse to eat whipped cream. To play, all you have to do is set up the stand, add whipped cream, and start playing. The youngest player goes first by spinning the spinner and turning the crank.

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Big Cheers for the New Shaun the Sheep Movie!

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Big Cheers for the New Shaun the Sheep Movie!

Big Cheers for he new #ShauntheSheep Movie coming to theaters Aug 5, 2015 #ad #IC

We have been Shaun the Sheep fans for years, ever since our British neighbor introduced us to the cute shows long ago. Shaun the Sheep was a fantastic distraction for my daughter when she was in a spica cast after her hip dysplasia surgery a few years ago and couldn’t move for six weeks. And my other kids love it too. We’re excited for the release of the new Shaun the Sheep movie TODAY ( August 5th)!  Are you?!

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Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve #MemoryLane - digital pictures

How many digital pictures do you think you’ve taken over the years? If you’re like me, you’re probably snapping away all day long. I’m old school, so I remember taking pictures with film and the thrill of paying to pick those pictures up from developing and happily seeing the memories I was able to capture. I have to tell you, while I took a lot fewer pictures in those days, more of them ended up being displayed or put in albums for future reference. Dealing with my digital pictures is something I think I’ll get to “some day” and then never seem to get to at all. If something happens to my computers (and I have digital pictures stored on I don’t know how many different computers) all of my memories are pretty much lost.

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve #MemoryLane
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