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Spring into Balance – A Happiness Project for 2014

“Spring into balance” is an initiative guided by the friends at Good Not Perfect, Simplify, Live, Love, and some other guests who will be making thoughtful contributions over the upcoming weeks. This 10 week initiative is aimed at simplifying, finding time for yourself, and being more happy. Doing more of what you want to do, and less of everything else.

Deep down, we want to nourish ourselves. Most of us just don’t approach it in the same systematic, goal oriented way that we approach family, home, and work life. So join us, grab a notebook and a pen, and be ready to take control of your own happiness.


My life involves fighting many fires.

Not literally, but figuratively. There’s always something of vital importance that has to be handled right now. Before I can play a game with my kids, we have to clean off the table. Before I can cook dinner, I have to clean off my counters. Before I can read a book, I have to grade papers or network on line for my blog. Before friends can come over, I have to clean. I equate the way I live to fighting fires instead of living life.

It’s time to get life under control. [Read more…]