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Ultimate Healthier Game Day Snack Ideas on a Budget

It is possible to feed a crowd healthier party food on a budget! Check out these Game Day Snack Ideas from ingredients purchased at ALDI  that easily feeds healthier appetizers to 12-15 people for under $70. Many thanks to ALDI for sponsoring today’s post.

Ultimate Healtheir Game Day Snack Ideas. Feed 12-15 people real food snacks from @ALDIUSA for around $70. AD

Game Day Snack Ideas

Many people buy unhealthy snacks for football parties because it’s cheap and easy, but cheap and easy is also possible for healthy and tasty too! Even for parties, and even on a budget. I recently went to ALDI to see what healthier options they have for big parties and came back with a cart full of ingredients and enough food for six different snack and appetizer ideas (probably enough to feed 12-15 people) for right around $70.

ADLI haul for healthier Super Bowl Party snacks. Ingredients for 12-15 people for $70.

That’s $4.67 – $5.83 per person for delicious, healthier snacks. Not too shabby in my mind, because honestly, when was the last time you ONLY spent $70 on a party? I know we can spend a heck of a lot more than that without trying hard at all. But at ALDI, I was able to pick up a lot of ingredients for several healthier snack options that yielded much more food than the first picture shows. Here’s what we made.

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