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Simple Last Minute Holiday Tablescape + Thankful printable

If you’re looking for a simple last minute Thanksgiving tablescape, I have just the idea for you. Combine it with my free printable, and your Thanksgiving table is set! Thank you to Halos for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

I'm thankful thanksgiving tablescape

Simple Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape + printable

Let’s get real. I am not one of those people who sets her table hours before events. In fact, I’m lucky if the table is set before the food is done. I’m also pretty frugal and don’t like to spend a lot of money things we don’t really need. However, the kids really like fancy meals sometimes so I’m excited to share this fun Thanksgiving Tablescape made with fresh materials and lots of items that can serve many purposes.

halos holiday centerpiece

If you need a last minute Thanksgiving Tablescape idea, I think you’ll like this one. Using all natural materials like fresh eucalyptus, Wonderful Halos, candles, burlap, and cheese cloth, you can set your table in no time! These ideas are perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even just a fancy dinner with the family!

Materials Needed for this Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

To make this gorgeous holiday tablescape, all you need to do is put down the cheesecloth and then top with the wide burlap ribbon. Then place Wonderful Halos, fresh eucalyptus, and candles in the middle of the table. You can use a serving tray if you like, or simply put the items directly on the table.

thanksgiving table printable

After you set the table, make sure to include the Thanksgiving Thankful Printable at each place setting so everyone can reflect on their blessings this year!

Wonderful Halos Tower Table Centerpiece 3 (1)

To If you have some extra time, go for the wow factor with a fun Halos Tower Table Centerpiece! You can find the easy tutorial here. Isn’t it cute?? And the best part is, the kids can grab Halos mandarin for quick snack too.

About Wonderful Halos

We love Wonderful Halos at our house and they were recently named the number one most-loved healthy snack among both parents and kids in a 2018 Brand Love™ study. We love Halos mandarins because they are sweet, seedless and easy to peel – the perfect on the go quick snack. Wonderful Halos are available in produce aisles nationwide at grocery, mass and club retailers from November to May to grab some today!

Simple Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape

Now that you have a simple Thanksgiving Tablescape, you’ll need these recipes too!

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Parmesan, & Pinenuts

Pear and Pecan Salad with Parmesan Crisps

The Best Turkey – forget everything you knew about cooking a turkey!

How to Make a Turkey Pot Pie From Scratch

What do you think of this great tablescape idea? I hope you like it!

Beyond the Thankful Tree – Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

As we enter this season of plenty, it’s important to teach children gratitude. Especially when considering current events, our abundance becomes overly clear. We really don’t have to worry about much here in the First World. We have plenty of food. We have warm clothes and homes, cars to get us places, and more toys, book, and movies than anyone really needs.

Beyond the Thankful Tree - Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

Some kids naturally seem to put others first, but mine often don’t. I’m looking for a few activities this year to help us remember that we really have it pretty good. We’re not walking across countries fleeing terrorists. We don’t worry about bombings or go to bed hungry. At this time of year, I want my kids to count their blessings and think of other people. Here are a few activities that teach children gratitude to get the ball rolling.

Beyond the Thankful Tree – Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

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18 Easy & Healthy Make-Ahead Sides to Simplify Thanksgiving Day

18 Easy & Make Ahead Healthy Sides to Simplify Thanksgiving Day from SimplifyLiveLove.com. Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Sides

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, you may be thinking about your menu already! Here’s a great list of Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Sides to simplify Thanksgiving Day. The beauty of these sides is that many of them can be prepared ahead of time to help you spend less time in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day, and more time with your family! We’ve included a few healthy options for many of the classic Thanksgiving categories- side dishes, appetizers, cranberry salad, and a little something for the sweet tooth too.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Sides

Appetizers / Dips

Healthy Sides to Simplify Thanksgiving Day

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip – Center Cut Cook

Pumpkin Spice Dip – Back to Her Roots

Spinach & Spaghetti Squash Dip – Julia’s Album

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