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Wordless Wednesday

You know I can never keep my mouth shut for Wordless Wednesday posts…

This is our barn – our crew has been hard at work this month finishing the inside for our home building/remodeling company (Oak Tree Homes) offices. My husband Dan spent all summer last year building that bridge. If I knew he was going to drive on it, I never would have agreed! But, he’s lugged over 400 bags of insulation into the barn mow this past week and I guess the bridge has come in very handy.

Every time I see a truck or trailer on it, though, I freak out just a bit with thoughts of what could happen with one slipped wheel. SCARY! However, if that bridge means the barn will be completed faster, I guess I’ll just shut up about it. We can’t start building our house until the barn is done and I am SO READY to get out there!! I’m trying to talk my husband into moving IN the barn… 😉