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Teach your kids to be #CyberSafe with #CyberTribe #Sponsored

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Teach your kids to be #CyberSafe

Did you know:

Teens send on average 1600 texts per month.

One out of four teens has been bullied through text messages or phone calls.

43% of teens have posted something online they later regret.

The average teen spends 5 hours per day online.

51% of teens have given out private information online to people they do not know.

teach your kids to be #CyberSmart #sp


Teach your kids to be #CyberSafe with #CyberTribe

It’s incredibly sad that its’ even necessary to talk about this subject, but 1 in 3 teens has been a victim of some sort of Cyber Bullying. With four young children, one of whom who is rapidly approaching the legal age to be on social media, I know I need to start preparing her to be safe online.  Despite 13 being the legal minimum age for children to have their own social media accounts on facebook and instagram, {there is no  minimum age for twitter!}, I know many of my daughter’s friends {she’s 10} who have their own accounts already. It’s time to start teaching!

Frankly, the statistics I shared above scare me. I’m glad to share information with you today to help you keep your own kids safe online. It’s never too soon to start educating your children about the dangers they will likely face online.

Teach your kids to be #cybersafe

 In partnership with Sprint, Boys and Girls Clubs of America are undertaking a Cyber Safe Futures initiative. Did you know June is Internet Safety Awareness Month? Nope? Me either.

Each week in June, the teen CyberTribe will feature a Q&A for parents and teens. Submit a question  to the Cyber Tribe and get an answer from their panel of expert teens. AND you will be entered for a chance to win an iPad mini and $500 to the Boys & Girls Club of your choice!

Teach your kids to be #CyberSafe with #CyberTribe #Sponsored

If you’d like help teaching your children to be #CyberSafe, head over over to the BGCA CyberSafe site, watch the videos, submit your questions, and get prepared! What scares you most about your children and their cyber safety?


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