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How to Teach Tweens and Teens to Keep Social Distance

Do you need resources to teach tweens and teens the importance of keeping social distance? If you’re hearing that you’re the only crazy parent who won’t let her kids hang out with all their friends right now, help is on the way! 

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How to Teach Tweens and Teens to Keep Social Distance

With the recent novel coronavirus pandemic and the resulting Covid-19 disease, I hear a lot of parents struggling with their teens and tweens over staying home and keeping social distance. After fighting relentlessly with my own kids who say they are the ONLY ONES with a crazy mom, I have put together a list of resources that helped me convince my kids that staying in is a good idea.

While they’re still griping about being bored, at least they aren’t yelling at me for being an overreacting parent anymore.

Our kids’ public school in Iowa was canceled hours before they were to report back to school on Monday after a three-day weekend. Out for at least four weeks, they were initially really excited. My kids went to bed that night dreaming of the mall, the movies, the trampoline park, and running around with friends. When they got up on Monday morning and started asking to hang out with their friends, pandemonium ensued.

What do you mean, we can’t hang out with our friends?! You expect us to stay locked up in this house for FOUR WEEKS with no contact with ANYONE? Coronavirus isn’t ruining my life, YOU ARE!”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “it’s just the flu, mom!! You’re being ridiculous.” Well, that’s not how the international medical community, the hospitals in Italy, or the thousands of people who are dying see it. To convince our kids to accept social distancing, we have to get our facts straight and help them see the bigger picture.

Now that many of us are thrust into being home full time with our kids, it might be difficult to convince them of the necessity to stay home. If you’re struggling with your tweens and tween too, go through a few of the resources listed here, read the news with them, and convince them they’re doing the right thing right now by not hanging out with their friends. 

Resources to Teach Tweens and Teens the Importance of Social Distancing

From studying about the Spanish Influenza, to learning more about Covid-19, watching movies and playing games, these real life activities can help you convince stubborn teens and tweens that it's better to stay in than venture out with friends even if it seems ALL of their friends are allowed to socialize together.

Have you been able to convince your teens about the importance of keeping social distance? What worked for you? Please share! And stay healthy!! 

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