The Stealthy Mom’s Weekly Menu ~ 7/28 ~ A Guest Post

Howdy! This is Laura from the Stealthy Mom blog. Like Michelle and her family from Simplify, Live , Love, we live in Iowa, but on the western side of the state. Unlike Michelle, I am not headed to Paris any time soon. We live too far away to help her pack or to drive her to the airport, so let me help entertain you while you await her return!

Fresh Ricotta and Home Baked Rolls

Initially, I was going to share a week’s menu. Our culinary genre is Typical Crunchy Mom with a twist of Low Sodium yet Kid-Friendly. Most of the recipes are our own. That is not because I am allergic to others’ ideas, but because most low sodium recipes I can find are geared towards an older crowd. To explain why we do what we do, I will tell you a little story:

Two years ago, while towing the boys around town in a bike trailer, my husband had a mini-stroke. Our oldest had just turned three, his little brother had just turned a year old and we are all lucky that their daddy had his cell phone with him. Specialists could not figure out why this happened.  The typical, “lose weight, stop smoking and exercise more,” did not apply. It seems that the condition of high blood pressure is hereditary and he will always have to manage the risk through medications or diet. We choose diet and have been successful so far.  

To bring his blood pressure down we had to greatly reduce how much sodium we were eating and to add more “good” fats, legumes, vegetables, fibres and greens. Store-bought breads, soup, meats, cottage cheese, and even frozen vegetables can contain an insane amount of sodium so we switched to scratch-cooking just about everything. Higher quality ingredients- from grassfed meats and milk to farm fresh eggs and organic vegetables- generally have more flavour than their factory-farmed equivalents, and therefore require less seasoning. Low sodium can taste good!

Cooking from scratch does take more time than loading up a grocery cart. Over the past two years I have worked out a system. For example, I will bake enough bread for a couple weeks at a time, popping most of it into the freezer as soon as it is cool enough to seal into a ziplock. Beans can be cooked in a crock pot and stored in containers similar in serving size to a can. Whenever we have chicken, we pop the bones into the freezer until we have enough to make stock. (Bye-bye bouillon cubes!)

A typical weekly menu goes like this:

Breakfasts during the week could be toast, oatmeal, homemade yogurt with berries and a touch of honey, or homemade granola. The same goes for filling bellies before bedtime. When we bake muffins we freeze them in six’s to make them available when the mood strikes. The kids drink a lot of milk.

Snacks during the day often depend on what fruits and vegetables we have on hand. Our local grocery store stocks organic apples, and will have occasional offerings of cantaloupe, carrots, grapes, and even cherries. We pick up produce once a month from Azure Standard and our garden is starting to get going. Both boys could eat their weight in cucumbers so we offer them as often as we can.

Smoothies sometimes make up servings of fruits and vegetables if we miss servings during the day. We peel overripe bananas and store them in ziplocks for this very purpose, because they become very much like ice cream when blended up. Toss in some other fruits and berries, perhaps a splash of milk or yogurt, and we have “milk shakes.”






  • lunch: Bean Burritos: leftover black-eyed peas, seasoned with chilli powder and garlic, topped with cheese and rolled in leftover tortillas
  • supper: Slow BBQ Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, saut
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  1. Just wanted to say I love the menu! I was able to borrow a lot of new recipes that I wouldn't normally make. I love trying new dishes, so thanks Michelle! I'm going to make the Kale Peneer this week. Thanks for sharing!

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