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The Sustainable Couple’s Garden Update ~ And a Mesh Bottom Garden Basket

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I’m in Paris this week!! I {hope}  my garden’s still growing and I’m sure it will be full of weeds when we get back. Since I don’t have my own update for you, I asked Kelli from The Sustainable Couple to share hers, and here it is! Read to the end because Kelli is sharing the most awesome mesh bottom garden basked with you!! I WANT ONE! Enjoy!

Hey guys! What’s shakin’?

We’re flattered that Michelle asked us to hang out with you today. We have some pretty stellar things goin’ on in our backyard, and our garden is starting to produce produce {see what I did there?}, so lets get at it, shall we?

This year we are doing a smaller garden because John – my hubs – travels a lot for work, and I recently quit my full-time job as a high school English and journalism teacher to travel with him. (Relax, I’m going to substitute teach when I’m not traveling.) We didn’t want to sink a bunch of time and money into a garden, then risk not being around to tend to it. We decided to play it safe and plant things that do well without a lot of attention, and not go ‘whole hog’.

The Sustainable Couple

So far, baby, it’s kickin’ butt! I totally underestimated our ability to garden and travel. We do have plans to expand (double, actually!) our garden space for next year, because I think we can handle it, despite our travel plans. Here’s a before shot:

The Sustainable Couple

 The Sustainable Couple

 And here’s where we are putting the new raised beds:

The Sustainable Couple

The Sustainable Couple

 You’ll see in the photo below that we began ‘the lasagna method‘ for preparing these three raised beds, and we’ll continue making ‘the lasagna’ this fall and winter. When spring hits we will have lush beds ready for planting.

The Sustainable Couple

 Ok, but back to our garden kickin’ butt. Check out some of our recent garden haul:

The Sustainable Couple

 Our leaf lettuce is killin’ it. I’m eating a huge salad several times a week! We are also getting lots of herbs, like chives, sweet basil, lemon basil, and cilantro. 

The Sustainable Couple


mesh bottom garden basket

 Of course, the cucumbers are a force to be reckoned with right now. I also got my hands on some jalape

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