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5 Tips for Ordering Garden Seeds

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Getting ready to place your garden seed order? These tips will help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Before you order your garden seeds, make sure you've read through these quick and easy tips to help you maximize your money and make sure you get what you need! These 5 easy tips for ordering garden seeds will help you get your order right!

Tips for Ordering Garden Seeds

1. Take inventory of the seeds you have already have. – You can often save money on shipping if you get everything you need at once, instead of having to place multiple orders because you forgot something. I’ve also ordered seeds I already own when I fail to do a good inventory. Make sure you make a good list of what you have and what you need before placing your final order.

2. Reflect on what’s worked well for you in the past. – I always try new seeds, but they don’t all do as well, or taste as good as I think they will. Take notes and keep a gardening journal so you can remember tidbits of information. Then reflect on this information as you plan your next garden

3. Buy seeds that grow well in your growing area.  –  Make sure to read seed descriptions and avoid buying seeds that won’t work well in your gardening zone.  If you live in a hot climate, get seeds that do well in hot climates. I especially look for seeds that tolerate heat and drought because I never know what our summers will be like. If you don’t already know what your gardening zone is, click over here to find out!

4. Buy seeds that fit your growing style. – I’ll be the first to admit that I am a lazy gardener, if there is such a thing. I want seeds that are marked easy to grow or are supposed to be extra hardy, because if there is an easy way to k ill a plant, I will certainly find it! I also look for seeds that are supposed to be tolerant of pests I know I deal with. I’ll buy spinach that’s marked slow to bolt {because it always seems to get hot in a hurry in Eastern Iowa}, and fast growing cucumbers in an attempt to thwart cucumber beetles and squash bugs.

5. Try a couple new varieties! It’s always fun to try something new. They might not work well or taste as good as you hope, but when that happens, just make notes and don’t buy those varieties again! I like to buy new seeds for veggies that win taste tests, or produce veggies I think are very pretty. I’ll admit that I love all things pretty – including veggies! I’m excited this year to try seveal new carrot and tomato varieties that I think are gorgeous!

5 easy tips for ordering garden seeds

My 2016 Garden Seed Order!

I’m excited to have placed my gardening order just recently. It actually quite a lot later than it normally is when I make this order. I decided to order from Baker Creek this year. Last year I ordered from a different company, and although they were great,  I missed my Baker Creek Seeds. I love their beautiful seeds and catalog and I really fell in love with them when we went to their spring planting festival last spring!

New seeds I’m excited to try in 2016

Pusa Rudhira Red Carrot

Pusa Rudhira Red Carrot

Red Beauty Carrot

Red Beauty Carrot

Lobbericher Yellow

Lobbericher Yellow


I ordered several new seed varieties this year – all the carrots and the tomatoes are new to me. I have a lot of tomato seeds left over from last year too, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful images and descriptions I read in their catalog.

Tried & True Favorites

I also ordered some garden favorites – seeds I’ve planted in the past that have done really well for me.

Amsterdam Prickly Seeded Spinach

Amsterdam Prickly Seeded Spinach

I also ordered some garden favorites – seeds I’ve planted in the past that have done really well for me and were also quite delicious.  I really like all of these seeds and I’m excited to grow them again! What are you growing this year? I’d love to hear!

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  1. blankKate says

    I love the Blue Beauty tomatoes! When I grew them they had a complex flavor and were so gorgeous! They will definitely be a keeper in my garden. 🙂

  2. blankEhartman says

    You’re going to love the lobbericher yellow carrots and the lipstick peppers. I’ve left reviews for both on their website and just love them! You could say I’m an addict to buying seeds. Tried the carbon tomatoes, but I’m awful anyway at growing tomatoes anyway. Needless to say, they started out great, but I killed them. They were pretty bushy and stout to begin with though! I think I need to learn to have more patience with tomatoes. Grrr.

    • blankMichelle Marine says

      I’m not that great at growing tomatoes either. In fact, I had almost decided not to grow any this year, but I’m always swayed by the lovely pictures and descriptions. Thanks for the vote on the carrots and peppers! Can’t wait to try them. 🙂

  3. blankDonna Hup says

    I tried gardening once. That was enough for me haha. I have the utmost respect for those of you who love it. I’m sticking to buying at the farmer’s market 😉

  4. blankLydiaF says

    My father was a gardener and my brother has followed in his footsteps, continuing the garden in our childhood home. The local gardeners like to save their own seeds and swap. They grow a bunch of heirloom varieties that have been acclimated to the area. The funny thing is when we were growing up my brother was the one who would slack on the garden chores 🙂

  5. blankStephanie says

    Wow! You must have a big garden. We just moved and I can’t wait to have a garden this summer. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  6. blankNicky says

    This reminds me that I need to decide what we’ll grow this year. We’ll extend our garden with 4 new beds this spring. SO we’ll have extra room for delicious veggies

  7. blankSandra says

    Those Ten Fingers of Naples caught my eye too. I have such a small area to play with so stick with herbs, but I really think I’ll give the baby tomatoes a try!

    • blankMichelle Marine says

      You could also add some veggies in pots, Sandra!! I have a lot of herb seeds in my seed box, so I didn’t need to buy any more, but I look forward to growing fresh herbs too. 🙂

  8. blankKaterina says

    I used to grow veggies in my garden but the last few years I am totally caught up with work. These tips are so handy and I will definitely keep them in mind when I will start again!

  9. blankErica (@Erica's Recipes) says

    Oh I’m so jealous you can grow all that! I have a small garden and am not very successful, but I keep at it. I am definitely going to look into some of these new varieties they look wonderful!

  10. blankLisa Sharp says

    We are house hunting right now so I don’t want to get a garden set up here only to move but I do want to have one in our new home. I want to start my plants from seeds so this is great information, thanks!

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