Tips for Tangle Free Girls’ Hair @CraveNaturals #sp


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Are you having trouble brushing your daughter’s hair? These tips for tangle free girls hair will help you cut through tears and keep the hair looking nice!

Tips for tangle free hair #CraveNaturals #sp

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So, truth be told, I suck at doing girls’ hair. Seriously, I should have had all boys – that way, I wouldn’t t have to deal with it all. My break down starts with the brushing and proceeds to my lack of coordination. Doing girls’ hair seems to me like doing a little dance, and you need 5 hands to get it all done. And guess what? I can’t dance and I don’t have five hands, either. But doing girls’ hair also comes down to brushing. If I can’t brush my tangled girls’ hair – I sure as heck can’t fix it nicely. Keeping tangles out of hair is of vital importance and here are some ways we try to keep our girls’ hair tangle free.

Tips for Tangle Free Girls Hair

crave naturals detangling brush - 4 steps to tangle free girls' hair

1. Get a good brush and learn how to brush so it doesn’t hurt.

This is hard for me as I have very little patience. Honestly, beauty is painful. I’ve got long hair and I know that it sometimes just plain hurts to brush it. But telling my girls to suck it up and work through the pain doesn’t get me very far. Instead, having a brush that glides through their hair and brushes without pulling is one of the most useful tricks for me.

I’ve learned the whole brush from the bottom up, but that’s tedious and I’m always in a hurry. That’s why I just prefer a brush that doesn’t hurt – like this cute little number we got from Crave Naturals. Two out of three of my girls like the Glide Thru Detangling Brush by Crave Naturals a lot. It’s not the magic cure all – my kids still don’t really like me brushing their hair and the 4 year old still thinks it pulls on her curls a bit, but they don’t run screaming from me when it’s time to brush their hair anymore! And I like that this brush has a handle. I’ve used other detaingling brushes without handles, and this one is easier to use, for sure.

2. Use a detangler spray.

I can’t sing enough accolades for detangler spray. Did you know you can make your own even? I haven’t tried yet, but plan to follow Frugally Sustainable’s recipe soon.

4 Tips for Tangle Free Girls' Hair

3. Brush hair when it’s wet.

My favorite time to brush hair is after a good wash and a solid condition. Brushes just glide on through wet hair. I know I’ve heard that you shouldn’t brush wet hair for fear of breakage – but the Glide Detangling Brush is perfectly safe on wet hair – no breakage, no damage.

Tangle Free Hair

4. Avoid tangles altogether.

Ha! Yes, it’s possible to avoid tangles in the first place. You know in the old days when girls used to sleep with braids in their hair? Wonder why they did that? Unfortunately, I can’t go back in time to ask them, but I bet you that it had to do with tangles. When we went to Paris last year, my friend braided her daughter’s luscious, gorgeous, long hair every night before bed. And I had a total ah-ha moment! My friends are really geniuses. Andrea told me they braid her daughter’s hair before bed because otherwise it’s impossible to brush. Smart, I tell you, smart!!

tips to tangle free girls' hair @cravenaturals #sp

So, not only can you avoid tangles by sleeping with braided hair, you can also avoid tangles by styling it during the day. Instead of letting it get all wind-blown and awful, put it up during the day and keep the tangles away. Like I said earlier, I pretty much suck at creating fun girl hairstyles, but I started a pinterest board with hair inspiration and am practicing, practicing, practicing!

Unfortunately nothing seems to be the magic cure all fix for keeping tangles away and brushing hair nicely, but I do recommend the Glide Thru Detangling Brush by Crave Naturals.

How do you brush your girls’ hair without screaming and torture? I’d really love to hear!


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  1. My Honey Bunny hates having her hair brushed. But we do the same as you. Brush her hair wet after a good conditioning and use a detangler. We also braid her hair at bed time and keep her hair in some sort of style that keeps her hair from getting all messed up. Great post.

  2. I don’t have girls, but I am very interested in that detangling brush for when my hair gets long again. Thanks for the tip! Love the braids on the girls. I’m looking forward to the day I have braids again. Thanks, again!