To-Do Lists…

I have a love/hate relationship with to-do lists. Sometimes they help me stay on track and be motivated. Sometimes they make me feel like a failure. 🙂 The hardest part is actually sitting down to write them. I write a lot of things on my “mental” to-do list, but truth be told, my mental capacity is not that great and I forget most of them…

My daughter and I went to a Mother/Daughter book club tonight at the bigger library in our closest town of reasonable size. The town we live in has a population of about 2,500 and has a nice library and great people, but the next larger town has an AWESOME children’s program with fabulous librarians and programs. We absolutely LOVE going there.

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  1. I LOVE lists!!......It's following them that's the trouble. :) I have become a Flylady. Ever heard of her? You can read all about my journey here: It has totally changed my attitude towards making, and following through with my to do lists. :) Let me know what you think.
  2. Yay for #1 on your list!! I'm a listmaker. I'm better at writing what I have to do than actually doing it. But it helps keep me on track and make me guilty. And I have been known to write down something just so I can cross it off... :)
  3. I am a list maker. As a matter of fact, my lists start out with "get kids to school". This may seem silly, but I actually start the lists in the order that I need to make sure things are done the next day. I then have the list at the bottom of things that I can fill in with if I have extra time during the day. It feels great to get those things crossed off and it helps me not to forget important things I need to get done! BTW, I just had my dermatologist appointment for the same thing last week. Now that both kids are in school, I have been catching up on a lot of my doctor appointments that I have let slide. By the way, I am skin cancer free.
    • Glad to hear that you are skin cancer free, Susan. I had my family doc look at me last year,and I always ask my sister about spots, but I really want a dermatologist to take a peek. There's no real excuse except it's a pain with kiddos.
  4. I am the queen of lists. I joke that it doesn't exist if it's not on a list. Right now I have no less than 20+ things on my lists, but without a big move it's usually around 10, and I'm happy if I can cross half of those off a day. Some of the best advice I got as a new mother was to put lots of reachable goals on my daily list like "kiss the baby ten times," "eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon," "attempt to take a nap" etc. Now I include, "empty dishwasher," "start laundry," "update Amazon Wish List" etc. Things that I really don't mind doing. Works for me!
  5. Tried to switch from being a list person to a "block schedule person" i.e. planning out my day and what I should do at one time. By Day #2 I was frustrated. I am going back to being a list person b/c the block thing was too rigid. I kind of like some room for changing plans and having my schedule a little more loose. If I homeschooled or had a part time job outside of the home, I might have a more rigid schedule.

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