Today reminded me why we homeschool…

Today was a good day. The kids stayed up later than normal last night helping me bake chocolate chip banana bread and make birthday cards for their Grandpa who has been tirelessly at work on the wreck of a rental we own, and are moving into soon, next door. Our intent was to surprise him with breakfast when he made it over here this morning. And we did! He loves my chocolate chip banana bread and I am so glad we made it for him. And I am sooooo thankful for all the time he and Grandma are taking out of their busy schedules to help us with this move. We couldn’t do it without them.

After the surprise breakfast, the two older kids got busy with their Lincoln Logs. They built an awesome town before we ran out of logs. I love it when they are creative like this, and the fact that they were playing together, nicely, without arguing, (nicely,) without whining, :-). was just the icing on the cake!

Days like today reaffirm to me why we homeschool. I really hope we are building strong family bonds and I strongly believe in the importance of child-led-learning at this young age. Don’t get me wrong. We have plenty of days that are not as peaceful, but today was a really good day!

Being creative, snuggling on the couch reading together, enjoying a nutritious lunch together, being able to take time off to travel when we want: these are some of the reasons we homeschool. I hope whatever you did today, you enjoyed yourself, too!

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