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Transplanting Pea Seedlings ~ Garden Update 4/22

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We’ve had a crazy week weather-wise out here in Eastern Iowa, with temperatures all over the board – HAIL & SNOW – AND 5 inches of rain! The Mississippi River is flooding as are all of the creeks. Today, we reached 67 degrees! And we have a chance of snow again in two days. 🙁

It’s crazy out here. I’ve already put away and pulled back out winter clothes several times. I’m over it!! Come on already, spring!

Luckily, I’ve still been able to get a bit of gardening done.pea seedlingsToday, I transplanted 21 pea seedlings. I’ve never tried to start peas before, but I read about someone who did {I should have pinned that post…}. Anyway, we had a nice day and I decided it was time to get those peas in the ground before I killed them. I’ve been hardening them for a quite a few days and they have taken quite a beating. I’ll be surprised if they make it.pea seedlingI took this picture so you could see how long the roots were on these peas! I was shocked. It took quite a delicate hand to separate them as they were all tangled together. Unfortunately, the iphone picture just does not do the long roots justice – my 5 year old’s hair is slightly in the way…pea seedlingsI’ll keep you posted on their progress! They’re looking pretty good right now, but as I said, I’m not holding my breath.

I also got a couple replacement trees for two trees I lost last year:colossal chestnutOne colossal chestnut tree that simple vanished from my garden last year… {tractor accident perhaps?}

DSC_0817 And an almond tree that never leafed out last year.
As I surveyed my fruit and nut trees, I was sad to find that my hubs ran over my Bartlett pear tree with the tractor. I’m not sure it is going to make it.
DSC_0821He broke off the top.DSC_0819🙁 In other news,DSC_0801I have tons of volunteer sunflowers growing nicely next to my potato patch, which I think is a no-no. I need to read up a bit more on complementary plants, because I read that potatoes and sunflowers don’t go together, but I don’t know why. Anyone?IMG_2228I’m finally going to get to see some daffodils!! They need mulch. Sure doesn’t look like we got 5″ of rain last week, does it?

DSC_0811And I’m very excited about this long {and quite crooked} row of tulips!DSC_0809And some of my onions are showing signs of life! Yay!!IMG_2247And last, but not least, my seedlings are looking great! I’m really thrilled with how well they are doing right now. They’re leafing out and getting less leggy – looking stronger every day!!IMG_2246Aren’t they pretty?

IMG_2245Blurry eggplants! Check it out. The photography in this post won’t win any awards, will it? 😉

IMG_2226Finally, here is a gratuitous picture of a couple cows. They are not mine, but they are sure cute: Jimmy is the brown Scottish Highland and Haggis is a Scottish Highland / Belted Galloway mix.

Next week, I hope to get a few more seeds planted, do some mulching, and clean out my strawberry and asparagus beds!

How’s your garden growing? And more importantly, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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About Michelle

Michelle Marine is green living enthusiast and rural Iowa mom of four. An avid traveler, Michelle has lived on three different continents and has driven all four kids across the entire USA (by herself!). She loves sharing farm-to-table recipes, their family travel adventures, and gardening and homesteading tips on her popular lifestyle blog, SimplifyLiveLove.com.


  1. blankLisa says

    Hope those peas grow for you! I’ve not started them indoors before, but I sure was tempted to this year. I did plant them out in the garden, though, and they just yesterday peeked through the soil! Crazy weather! Hope spring arrives and decides to stick around for you! ~Lisa

  2. blankVickie says

    Ugh! We are having another dry north wind here in Northern California. It’s drying up all my seedlings! I can’t believe how long the roots were on that pea seedling! Holy cow it looks like 8-10 inches long! BTW, your pictures are just fine – better than a lot of the ones I post! A couple were a bit blurry, as you say, but I like them anyway. Hey, it’s not a photography blog! I found you on the Oregon Cottage blog hop.

  3. blankLexa says

    What a nice post on your garden. Keep your spirits up. I know that you all have been getting some terrible weather. Spring is on the way! Your peas will do just fine. I had planted my young pea plants last year on March 20th and on the 21st we received 9″ of snow! They were flattened but then bounced back up and finally grew like crazy when the weather warmed up. We harvested a bumper crop of peas.

    • blankMichelle says

      Hi Lexa, I’m glad to hear that your peas bounced back after all of that snow! The peas I planted right before the 5 inches of rain have not yet sprouted. I hope they come up.

    • blankMichelle says

      You have no idea on that tractor! 😉 The cattle belong to my sister in law and her husband. They say they are for eating, but they have yet to actually eat one. We shall see…

  4. blankJulia says

    Thank you for sharing such joyful photos. This is the first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed reading about your planting endeavours. We have just moved to a smallholding here in Devon (UK) and are starting to gain a wealth of animals and planting seeds. All new to us but we shall see how things progress.

    I look forward to visiting again!


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