Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 2/17/2015

Is it spring yet? Seriously guys, it’s cold in Eastern Iowa. I’m ready for spring, but it’s still on February. How about you? I must admit. I didn’t do much thinking about gardening this past week as I ran from place to place trying to stay warm. I don’t have much garden inspiration for you which is why I’m so glad to see all the goodies you all share! I hope to have a couple new gardening posts for you very soon. Today, enjoy these pictures of my lovely farm animals until then.

Tuesday Garden Party -SimplifyLiveLoveThis handsome fella is Chris P Chicken a Black Australorp. He’s suffered a bit of frostbit this winter and his comb is looking sad. But he’s a really nice rooster and we like him a lot. He’s a gorgeous black/green color and very nice.

Tuesday Garden Party -SimplifyLiveLoveThis mean guy is our other rooster, Fire, an Easter Egger best I can figure. Actually he’s quite pleasant to everyone except my 7 year old daughter, Cora. And he’s really mean to her. I guess he can sense a tender spirit in her and wants to cause her pain. He’s pretty mean to her and it makes me sad – he’d better watch out!

Tuesday Garden Party -SimplifyLiveLoveThis picture of the eggs my hens lay us has been one of the most popular pictures I’ve ever shared on my social media. I can’t believe the response it received on facebook, especially – probably because of the lovely description my husband wrote! I think I need to hire him to be a blog writer! <3 I don’t really have enough hens to sell my eggs often, but I’m thinking about tripling my flock and going into egg business. ūüôā

Tuesday Garden Party -SimplifyLiveLoveThis beauty is our Great Pyrenees, Nora. She is a wonderful dog when she’s not chewing up shoes or causing a trash mess! Silly dog. She does a great job keeping our chickens safe, though, and she’s just so sweet we can’t stay mad at her for long. A few weeks ago she chased a hawk away from my chickens! That made me proud and earned her an extra bone, and a few more weeks on our homestead…

Anyhow – those are sights from my homestead. Now let’s take a look a the awesomeness you’re all sharing every Tuesday!

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 2/16/215

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Tuesday Garden Party - Garden Inspiration for 2/16/215

This week’s Tuesday Garden Party host is Brooke of¬†Creative Country Mom’s Garden

As I write to you today, we are covered in a blanket of snow… about 4 inches and it is still falling.¬† But I am in full on “Spring Gardening” mode….¬† I can feel it, just around the corner…. the garden will be waking up and telling me it is time to get back to work. ¬†

Honestly, I let it sleep in as long as I can…¬† In years past I have rushed the garden chores and regretted it later in the spring.¬† Why?¬† Well if you start cleaning up dried foliage too early then you risk damaging the plants.¬† Tender perennials need that extra layer of protection to stay warm as long as possible.¬† Plus the earth is still really moist and you might run the risk of pulling up the plants or damaging the root system.¬† If you get in there walking around you run the risk of stepping on bulbs and other lovely things that might be ready to come up soon.

Some of the plants I will warn you to leave be are hearty mums and spring blooming perennials.¬† I have killed many a mum by breaking off the old stems in early spring.¬† Same goes with the early bloomers like hellebores and sweet¬†Williams.¬† They will each need to have new leaves before you remove any¬†old stems on the plants.¬† I say this from experience….

So what should you be doing as the snow starts to melt?¬† Look for any up heaving in the garden.¬† Roses can be especially prone to this.¬† We have had wind for the last few days, then freeze and thaws…. that means some of your plants could have lifted out of the ground a bit and need covered with more dirt or mulch.¬† I would not try to replant them, but build the soil up around them for the rest of the cold weeks ahead.¬† I think that my garden is especially¬†susceptible¬†to this with no wind break from our open spaces.¬† So in a few days I will do a garden walk and look for any changes around my beds.

Once my Spring bulbs are fully up… and almost ready to bloom, then I will do a full clean up.¬† I will consider where I need to add mulch, transfer ground cover and place my garden accents for the year.¬† To every thing there is a season…. so this is the season of planning.¬† For me that means ordering seeds and drooling over garden catalogs.¬† Watching the tree buds swell and looking for any sign of green.¬† As you can see in my collage, my south side¬†daffodils¬†are up¬†nicely.¬† The countdown has begun!

They say that spring moves North seven miles a day… I have been watching my southern friends gardens spring back into life… and am somewhat patiently waiting for my turn in Southern Indiana, Zone 6.

Until then, I will be enjoying your lovely garden shares…



Tuesday Garden Party - Garden Inspiration for 2/16/215

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