Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 3/24/2015

Oh you guys. I know you’re getting sick of me whinging about weather. But seriously, friends. Today, the high is 34. Yesterday, hen I woke up we were covered in ice. I had to hammer into the chicken coop this morning because the doors were frozen shut. I have learned from years past not to pack away my snowboots until May, but every year I am hopeful that THIS will be the year we won’t need them. And every year, I am disappointed. ūüôĀ WAH!

Grow your own Easter Wheat Grass Basket

Anway, there is a bit of bright light. Despite the crappy weather, things are growing at my house! My little seedlings are coming along nicely and my kiddos and I are growing wheat grass Easter Baskets! The growth you see in the above picture happened in only FOUR days! Yes! Four Days. We planted the baskets last Wednesday, and Day 4 photo shows how much it had gown by Sunday. There is still so much time for you to do this yourself! Hop on over here for directions!

I’m happy it’s Tuesday and looking forward to what you have to share today!

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 3/24/2015

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It’s Tuesday and time for the Garden Party! Read on to¬†link up your garden¬†inspired posts –¬†recipes, diy, tutorials, and tips & tricks! If you don’t have posts to link up, come keep reading for a big dose of garden inspiration!

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From your host this week, Jami at An Oregon Cottage:

uesday Garden Party AOC collage 3.24.15

You gotta know it’s spring from this collage, right? Tulips, Brunnera, Grape Hyacinths, and transplants of lettuce, spinach, Chinese cabbage and onions. I’m ready and I sure hope those of you in the midwest and east are seeing signs of spring where you are, too! What you don’t see is that I also planted seeds of snap and snow peas, some lettuce seeds, and I harvested the first of the asparagus. Ah, that first asparagus tastes so wonderful – I like it roasted just until tender…yum.

When I went to the garden the day after planting the lettuce transplants, I realized I wanted to share something with you – or those of you who deal with slugs and snails – that I learned the hard way:

3.23 tuesday garden party features

Always buy a non-toxic slug/snail bait to use when planting your tender leafy seedlings. This photo above was taken less than 24 hours after planting – if I had forgotten to sprinkle the bait (I use Sluggo) more than half the seedlings would’ve been gone. There were trails everywhere. It’s a waste of time, money, and effort otherwise – and I have lost entire plantings before. You can try baiting with beer traps, but I don’t want to risk the seedlings, so I need something to encircle them. How do you all deal with slugs and/or snails, if you have them? Ever lost whole plantings to them – like an entire bed of tomatoes?

Well, on to better thoughts – like your features from last week! These are awesome, guys – I’ve already started using cinnamon on my indoor seedlings and plants to keep the gnats down and been inspired by Mindy’s new garden bed. Check them all out:

tuesday garden party 3.24.15 features

1. There’s always room for A New Planting Bed @RindyMae

2. Gotta try 8-Minute Baked Collard Chips @Restored Roots

3. Who knew there were Chicken Supplies to Buy at The Dollar Store? @Murano Chicken Farm

4. Peas planted on St. Patrick’s Day – and more @Wild West Gardeners

5. You won’t believe these 6 Reasons Plants Love Cinnamon @Feathers in the Woods

Link up your new shares below – looking forward to seeing what’s going in in your gardens!

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