Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 5/19/2015

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It’s Tuesday and time for the Garden Party! Read on to link up your garden inspired posts – recipes, diy, tutorials, and tips & tricks! If you don’t have posts to link up, come keep reading for a big dose of garden inspiration!

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From this week’s Tuesday Garden Party host, Michelle from SimplifyLiveLove

Another week has come and gone, and I’m sure most of you have been busy in your garden. Last weekend was HUGE for me. My garden had mostly gone to weeds this spring except for the areas I had already planted with early crops.  We took an early spring trip out to the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival a couple weeks ago and were gone long enough that the weeds just took over between spring rains and being busy elsewhere!

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I tried weeding some of my garden by hand and realized quickly that was not a viable option. So we borrowed the neighbor’s machine of a tiller and went to work this weekend in between rains. The ground was a little wet still, but with rain in the forecast, I thought we really needed to get it done anyway {and wouldn’t you know it, after we finished, the rain vanished from the forecast!}. I should have taken a before picture to show you, but I didn’t. You know it’s bad when you have to mow the weeds before you can till, though!

But we got it and before the weekend was over, I planted all of my tomatoes and peppers seedlings and weeded the no-dig potato, strawberry, and asparagus patches. I have to tell you, I finally mastered seed starting. I had the best looking bunch of seedlings this year and I couldn’t be more proud! Hopefully the terrible wind that came up just as I finished planting doesn’t destroy my seedlings! This week, I will work hard to plant my seeds: cucumber, zucchini, corn, and more. I also plan to mulch all of the paths with free wood chip mulch to keep the weeds down.

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 5/19/2015

This Week’s Featured Posts

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And now, on to the party! I’m so inspired by your posts and can’t wait to see what you all have been up to this week!

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  1. Love that picture of the barn and the clouds--you took a beautiful shot. And...I can't remember a year when I didn't have to mow at least one area before tilling. Your progress looks well worth it!

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