Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 6/16/2015

Happy Tuesday, Friends. I hope your gardens are growing very nicely. We’ve had a ton of rain the last few days and my garden is really going crazy – in terms of veggies AND weeds!  Here’s a little flipagram video I created to show you what’s going on out here in Eastern Iowa. If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll find this and a lot more pictures from our crazy life, garden, and homestead.

In this little video you can see that my herb pot is growing nicely as is my succulent container garden! I love both of these container gardens. My corn is up and tall, seemingly overnight. My potatoes are lush and flowering. I’ve been picking peas and romaine lettuce and need to pull out my spinach as it’s gone to seed already. I’ve got beans, casper pumpkins, cucumber, and zucchini coming in nicely! And my broccoli’s looking good, as are carrots, onions, and garlic. Did you see the garlic scapes I have!! I’m so excited. Except I’m not looking forward to the weeding. Always weeding. 🙁 Anyway, that’s my garden update! Let’s get on to your good news.

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 6/16/2015

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It’s Tuesday and time for the Garden Party! Read on to link up your garden inspired posts – recipes, diy, tutorials, and tips & tricks! If you don’t have posts to link up, come keep reading for a big dose of garden inspiration!

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From Jami @ An Oregon Cottage:

An Oregon Cottage June Flowers

June is such a lovely time for blooms, isn’t it? Some things are finished blooming, some are in full bloom and some are just starting. I find such joy in just walking around our property and seeing what is blooming. Of course I do have roses, but some of my other favorites are pictured above, clockwise from top left: hardy geranium, lovely scented sweet peas, spirea (the An Oregon Cottage June Vegetables

And the garden is producing and growing! Sometimes I’m all upset that I didn’t get my seeds planted ‘in time’ and so my corn is only just sprouting in mid-June, but we have great weather through October, so I’ve plenty of time to harvest and enjoy it, so I need to learn to chill I think. A couple of interesting side notes:

  • The broccoli I started from seed (Arcadia – I’m so impressed I remembered the name, ha!) is heading up beautifully, but I lost one of the cauliflowers to early seed. The three others of this same variety seem to be doing fine. Growing from seed often feels like a crap shoot!
  • The chard is so beautiful, I can’t believe it! Usually by this time it’s older leaves are taken over by leaf miners – they must not like the warmer weather, since that’s pretty much the only thing different this year.
  • We’re already harvesting heaps of blueberries and will continue for a month or more. I’m freezing, eating, and planning to make some things from this big list of great recipe and preserving ideas.

It was another week of great pictures, tips and ideas from the TGP! Here are my features for this week:

Tuesday Garden Party Features.6-16-15

1. Lovely porch garden & summery daisy wreath @ Pricillas

2. Vintage drying rack flower arrangement @ Chateau Chic

3. Beautiful Fairy roses (one of my favorites!) blooming @ Fishtail Cottage

4. Canned rhubarb juice @ Grace Garden & Homestead

5. Tips for growing tomatoes @ Our Stoney Acres

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us this week!

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