Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 7/21/2015

Happy Tuesday, Friends! I hope this week finds you well. I’m looking forward to sharing my garden update with you and seeing what you have to share this week!

Cucumber beetle carnage from SimplifyLiveLove.com

I’ve got a lot of successes and also some concerns to share with you today, so keep reading for the scoop!

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 7/21/2015

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From your host this week, Michelle from Simplify, Live, Love.
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Happy Tuesday, Friends! As I look back at my pictures from last year’s garden, I notice a lot of differences from this time last year. Last year, I was already harvesting peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant, and I’m still waiting on all of those things right now. But this year, I’ve already harvested nice crops of strawberries {and my ever bearing strawberries are producing again!!}, carrots, shallots, and garlic, none of which did that well for me last year. I’ve also got cucumber beetles pretty badly again this year which is very discouraging. Where do they come from and why won’t they leave my garden alone?! I’m good at sharing, but cucumber beetles don’t share nicely, so I’m in my garden several times a day smashing them and applying Diatomaceous Earth to keep their numbers down.

SimplifyLiveLove TGP collage

I hope your garden is in full swing. I really love this time of year, when almost everything we eat is grown right here in Eastern Iowa. Last night, we ate one of my favorite zucchini recipes, beef with zucchini {maybe I should share the recipe soon?}, sauteed broccoli, and fresh sweet corn. It’s so satisfying to see all of the hard work in the garden pay off at the dinner table, don’t you agree?! This week, I’ll be hard at work canning my Grandma’s secret dill pickles and freezing sweet corn Iowa style, as well as eating as much as we can from only locally grown food. And that’s my weekly update. Now, on to your accomplishments!

This week’s Tuesday Garden Party Features –

Tuesday Garden Party Featured Posts 7.21

I love seeing the squash varieties that Green Thumbs and Sandy Toes is growing. I’ve got some of the same types growing in my garden, but she’s got some varieties that are also new to me.

I’m really curious about the addition of a diaper in Love My Messy Mess’s hanging flower baskets. What’s that all about? 🙂

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds has a great July seed starting guide per region. I don’t normally add much to my garden in the fall, but this year I might just take the plunge!

Four Hills of Squash had a great garlic harvest!

I’ve got a similar box to the one Easy Peasy Life Matters shows us how to make for her Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden and I love it!

I can’t wait to see what you have for us this week! Link up below.

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  1. Your garden is awesome. The only things I've harvested are tomatoes and bell peppers. My strawberries are struggling and my zucchinis are growing so slow. I'm almost ready to harvest some mini egg plants though and I'm excited about that.
  2. Thank you so much for the feature! We are loving the party :) So sorry about your cucumber beetles! Pesky bugs are never fun in the garden. We had them until we got chickens. We used to use hot pepper and diatomaceous earth to keep them away. It's really good stuff. Best of luck!

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