Tuesday Garden Party #TGP – Garden Inspiration for 9/9/2014

Tomato Can-a-thon #TGP
Welcome to another installment of the Tuesday Garden Party! I hope you are busy in your gardens and enjoying these posts. My garden is plugging along. My pop corn and ornamental corn is drying on the stalks. The tomatoes are going strong – but I’m still not really getting enough in any one shot to do much canning of my own tomatoes. And I’ve almost finished digging up the four variety of potatoes I planted.

Last week, we returned from my parents’ house in Missouri. I headed down there because my parents are swimming in tomatoes from my dad’s garden and I wanted to help them out but canning some for my use. I showed up to almost 8 full 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes. I canned all weekend – roasted tomato sauce, pizza sauce, and salsa, and came home with 5 dozen jars of canned tomatoes {including crushed tomatoes and also juice my mother canned for me before we got there.}

My parents almost didn’t let me leave, because despite canning diligently all weekend, when I left, I left behind 5 more 5 gallon bucket fulls of tomatoes!! Craziness, I tell you! Craziness. I’m glad I got tomatoes canned, even if I had to drive to Missouri to get it done. 🙂
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Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 9/9/14

From your host this week, Shelly at Frugal Family Home Garden-Trellis-Update, #TGP I love growing pole beans in the garden. You plant them and they just keep on giving, until you pull them up. Our beans are still producing really well, so well that I’ve started sharing with the neighbors. We have enough canned green beans to last us for about a year now. To support my pole beans, cucumbers and sugar snap peas, I use a DIY Garden Trellis made from a cattle panel. The beans have fully taken over their panel. The cucumbers don’t get as full, but they do climb up the trellis quite well. If you need a trellis for next year consider making a cattle panel one. They work well, are easy to store for the winter (since they fold flat) and they’re sturdy too. Great for growing plants vertically.   Now onto the feature posts from last week’s Tuesday Garden Party, Tuesday-Garden-Party-Features-9-9

1. Gentle Joy Homemaker, shared some great information on using dill

2. One Creative Mommy, shared her strawberry spinach salad, I’m always on the lookout for new salad recipes

3. Garden Matter, shared a few recipes for Herb Infused Oils and Vinegars

4. Life Currents, shared how to grow green onions on the cheap

5. Green Phone Booth, shared Garden Chores for Children

I can’t wait to see what you all have to share this week! Go ahead and scroll down to link up!   [inlinkz_linkup id=443943 mode=1]

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  1. Hi Michelle, Wow! I have such tomato envy right now. That looks like a lot of work but well worth it. Thanks for sharing my post about herb infused oils and vinegars. Hope you are having a great day on this beautiful Tuesday. Patti
  2. Michelle, I am so in envy of your tomato loot! A hail storm took out all 30 of our plants :-( . All your hard work looks wonderful! My kitchen has looked a little similar to yours this last week only with green beans. Thank you for hosting. Blessings

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