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On Turning 40 and Aging Gracefully #SAMInYourPants

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SAMInYourPants

Turning 40 and aging gracefully #SAMInYourPants

I turned 40 a few weeks ago. Yup. I admit it. The big 4-0. It’s a huge mental number, honestly. But I really wasn’t that worried about it {because I AM NOT OLD} until I sat at Chipotle one afternoon eating lunch with two of my kiddos. It suddenly hit me – I sat there – staring at all of these young kids, fresh and perky kids, wandering around in their workout gear. It hit me. Holy mackerel. I am old enough to be their mother!!! Not cool, people. Not cool at all.

On Turning 40 and Aging Gracefully

Since that day at Chipolte, I’ve done a lot of reflecting. I decided definitively, and without hesitation – I am not gonna let the 40s get the best of me! It’s just a mental hurdle, right? Or is it? Here’s a look back at the major decades of my life and why I decided to be excited for my 40s.

Aging Gracefully #SAMInYourPants

In my 20s…

Twenty-something was my narcissistic decade. I backpacked around Europe, finished undergrad, got married, moved across country and then out of country, started and quit all two of the only full time jobs I’ve ever had. I learned how to skydive and SCUBA dive, traveled around Asia with friends and my Air Force husband, ran my first and only marathon, and went back to grad school. I was active and fit. The world was my oyster and I worried about very little. My 20s were really awesome and a lot of fun – yet totally centered around me. Very cool – as I said, in a completely narcissistic way.

On turning 40 and aging gracefully #SAMInYourPants

In my 30s…

My thirties shifted gear 100%. I had my first baby 11 days before I turned 30 and proceeded to have four babies in six years. I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding for almost every single day of my 30s! Yes! It’s true. Nine years of literally having the life sucked out of me by my little people. 😀 The focus of my 30s was clearly not me but I really did love most days of my 30s –  except when I was puking during pregnancy, or being peed, or pooped, or puked on by one of my favorite children. My description of my 30s might not sound like the years were a lot of fun – but I did love taking care of my babies. I just didn’t take a lot of care of me. I was kind of like that road sign that’s just off our property – a minimum maintenance area with a huge warning to Enter at your Own RISK!!

Aging Gracefully #SAMInYourPants

In my 40s…

And now I’m 40. Almost 40 and one month, to be exact. My youngest child turns 4 this week, my kids are now rarely peeing and pooping on me, and they are more self-sufficient. And I’m getting back in a small way to the carefree days of my twenties. Well, that might be a stretch, but I do see a little flicker of light at the end of the very long tunnel.

Now, though, I’m facing a different type of problem – aging. And trying to do so gracefully. Four kids in six years clearly took a toll on my body.  I’m  getting squishy – I’m no longer the fresh and perky young woman I used to be. My metabolism is slowing down {or I’m drinking too much wine to cope with my four children…} My eyes have wrinkles around them and my body is getting annoying little red dots {burst blood vessels called petechia, I think}. But the most annoying problem might be occasional light bladder leakage when I laugh or run. I know LBL is pretty common in women {supposedly one in three women has a problem with it}, but it’s certainly something I never thought about or knew would happen.

On Turning 40 and Aging Gracefully #SAMInYourPants

Thankfully, it’s possible to reduce LBL with exercise – don’t stop doing those Kegels – and nice products exist to help with confidence, like the new microliners from Poise which are very thin and more absorbent than the panty liners for light days of the wonderful period. Confidence is everything in these 40s – the decade of the body changes. If you also experience occasional light bladder leakage, head here for a  free sample of Poise and see what you think.

I tell you what, I am not going to let these annoying little body changes interfere with my life. I’m glad to be able to age gracefully. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful life experiences from the last two decades and I’m looking forward to many more years of not feeling old. All I can say is TAKE THAT 40! You won’t best me!!

I’d love to hear what you do to age gracefully! Please share in the comments.

Cheryl Barron

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

Congratulations on turning 40. I hope you'll feel like my friend did,"When I turned 40 I didn't give a da** about other peoples opinion" We finally give ourselves a break. Around 45 mother nature plays the cruelest joke: she lets your jowls show. EXERSIZE NOW, MAKE IT MANDITORY! Weight can cling to you now like a long lost friend. Back away from the hot fudge sundae. But the prizefor middle age Iis dumping the monthly cycle.I walk by aisles of pads and laugh.

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