Seedling Progress Report ~ 3/26


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A couple of weeks ago, I shared three free containers you can use to seedlings. It was kind of an experiment to see which container would be most effective. Well, there was a clear winner of that process, but I doubt it had much to do with the type of container I used. Rather, I think it had more to do with the process –  effective watering {or not so effective watering, as the case may be.} Clearly, my control variables were not set up very well. If this was a master’s thesis project, I’d fail… 😉

seedlings stared in tp rolls But here is my Seedling Progress Report. As you can see, the toilet paper rolls worked! I have seedlings in every single toilet paper roll. I believe that I did a better job of wetting down the dirt that I used in the TP rolls than the dirt I used in the other containers. I’m not sure, but I think that’s what happened. In any case, the seedlings in the TP rolls are doing great and I even have bonus seedlings growing in the dirt around the TP rolls! One critique I read was that the TP rolls molded. And I did get a little bit of mold, but it’s gone now and seems not to have affected my seedlings. Overall, I’m very happy with my TP seed starting method.

seeds planted in egg shells

The egg shells netted no seedlings. Zero.

seeds planted in egg carton

The egg cartons had a couple of seedlings, but they died. 🙁

lings in a plastic seed starter

And my nice plastic container that was left over from last year has a few cute seedlings – a couple of broccoli and three cabbage. But the majority of that container didn’t even sprout either! Bummer.

seedlings started in pellets

Since I really need some seedlings, I started a new container. I decided to try out the Peat Pellets Seed Starting Plugs that I’ve read about. I put them in an empty lettuce container {you know those big plastic boxes?}, soaked them per their instructions, and then added seeds. Thanks for that tip, Stealthy Mom! If you’re looking for budget-friendly, heart-healthy and low sodium meals that kids will love, head over there. That Stealthy Mom has some great ideas!

ellet seed starting containers I have a few cabbage seedlings going strong there. I’m still waiting for my peppers to sprout – and my Riesentraube tomatoes haven’t sprouted yet either. I sure hope I get them to grow!! I’m starting to worry. {Yes, I know I need to water them…} 😉

And that’s my seedling progress report. I hope your seedlings are growing better than mine.

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  1. So many things can come in to play with seed starting…medium, temperature, moisture, humidity, light. I have always had good luck with the peat pellets, but this year I mostly used my own containers- reused planting trays, egg cartons, yogurt containers, etc. With the exception of a few eggplant seeds (which don’t like the cool temps in my house) I had a good turn out. I’ve posted a few times on the progress of this year’s seedlings 🙂
    Sarah @ It’s a Boy’s Life

  2. Tomatoes take longer to sprout and peppers even longer. Be patient. Keep them moist and have an oscillating fan on low on your seedlings 24/7 from now til you put them outside.

    1. I thought about that, but my amish paste tomatoes are going great in the TP rolls! They popped right up. I’m not sure what’s going on with the peppers. Good idea about the fan. I will give that a shot. Thanks!

  3. Try, try again. It’s a gardener’s mantra. Sometimes seeds have to be sown three times or more to take. It’s not personal, it’s Mother Nature! Our pumpkin seeds are going wild in the trays, but the carrots and lemon seeds haven’t done much. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? ;0)
    Keep at it!

    1. LOL! I know. It’s always something new. This is only the second year I have even attempted to start seedlings. Maybe the third year will be the charm. 🙂

  4. I love the idea of saving the toilet paper rolls to start seeds. Thanks for sharing this on Tuesday Greens!