$33 Walgreens Challenge

How many useful things can I buy at Walgreens with $33?? 🙂 (I know I could get a ton for $33, but I want what I buy to be useful – that’s more challenging!)

Using points I earned on MyPoints simply for clicking through the emails they send me (that means I simply opened them on the internet), I got a $25 Walgreens gift card in the mail last week!

I’ve decided to see how long I can make that $25 gift card last, and of course, I’ll share what I buy here.

But…I actually started with the $25 gift card I got in the mail last week and an additional $8 I have left on a previous gift card. I also had $8 RR with me today. So, let’s say I’m seeing how much I can buy with $33 in gift card money! 🙂 And, here’s what I got today:

This is missing one Dove bar – it didn’t make it out of the car! 😉 The honey was on sale for $1.99 with in-ad coupon, the tuna was on sale for .55 ea and I had 4 – .50 coupons, the Dove bars were 2 for $3, plus they earned $2RR. I bought these in two transactions so I would earn 2 – $2RR for the Dove. I spent $4.59 of my gift card, as well as my $8RR, and I earned $4RR.

So, for next time I have $28.41 in gift cards and $4RR. Let’s see what I all I can get next time! 🙂

Did you get any good deals at Walgreens this week?

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