Walgreens Run 8/14

I ran into Wagreens this morning – all by myself. That’s a rare luxury and a tradition I would like to implement every Sunday morning… 🙂 I’m glad I went, because they were almost out of everything I wanted already and it wasn’t even 10:00 on the first morning of the new ad. ??? What’s up with that?

Anyhow, I started with $6 RR (5 different RR) and my gift card. I started a $33 Walgreens challenge a few weeks ago and you can see what I’ve bought here so far, if you’re interested. I made 3 separate purchases.

I used up all of my register rewards and a $2 ReNew Life Omega Smart Super Krill Oil printable coupon. Since I had 6 coupons, I needed 6 items. I chose the cheapest filler I could find – jello @ 20 cents each with in-ad coupon. We won’t eat it because it’s full of artificial food colors and aspartame, but we’re using it for a fun art project! I’ll share the details on Frugal Tuesday. This transaction cost me $3.70 on my gift card, but netted me a $10 RR!

My second transaction was designed to use up the $10 RR on things we need. The Speedstick is my hub’s favorite deodorant. He doesn’t tolerant deodorant with anti-antiperspirant, so this is what he likes. It’s on sale this week $2.50 each – buy 2 and get $3 RR. Pert is also his preferred shampoo, and it’s on sale for $3.99 with a $3 RR. There’s a coupon in the 8/14 SS, making it essentially free. I needed $10 worth of goods to use my $10 RR. I added in fillers for items that were on sale and things I could use. I spent .98 on my gift card in addition to the $10 RR and got back $6 RR. I needed to add the Snickers in at the end to get my total up so I could use my $10 RR – you can’t use RR to pay for sales tax. It will make a nice treat for my hubs who stayed home with the kids… 🙂




My last transaction used the $3 RR from the deoderant, a $1 coupon for the Pert, and the in-ad coupon for the olives, and .18 for a picture I accidentally ordered when I ordered my free 8×10 last week. It cost me $1.45 on my gift card and I earned another $3 RR for the Pert.

I now have $15.66 left on my gift card and $6 RR to roll next time. 🙂

Did you get any good deals at drug stores last week?





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