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Weekly Goals 8/1

Last week’s post with my weekly goals actually helped keep me on track! So I’m doing it again.

Here were my goals last week:

  1. Grade my online class
  2. Marinate and freeze chicken
  3. Bake 10 loaves of bread
  4. Blog about moving our barn
  5. Clean and purge one kid bedroom
  6. Work on our business books
  7. Celebrate 14 years of marriage with my hubby
  8. Purge plastic kitchen containers
  9. Clean 2 drawers in my kitchen
  10. Weed & plant new seeds in my garden. I have officially LOST the war with the cucumber beetles. I


  1. we saw David Sedaris when he was at the adler this past spring -- hilarious! he recommended a book that i want to read -- i have to find out where i wrote it down :)

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