Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan ~ 10/1

How did it get to be October all ready? ARGH! Time is flying by. Before you know, it’s going to be Christmas!! Last month I tried my hand at planning out my menu for the entire month at once. It worked out all right. I guess I made about 75% of my meal ideas – which is about all I make any given week anyway. I really liked the way planning the entire month at a time allowed me to shop in a more organized manner at the beginning of the month. I enjoyed staying out of grocery stores, for the most part, and think it may have saved me a bit of money in the long run. That’s always nice!

I decided that I would plan October all at once, too. But, I’m organizing it a bit differently – on Pinterest! We’re pretty busy this month with a weekend trip to Missouri for my 20th high school reunion and also a 4 day business trip for my husband and I. I’ve been busy pinning meals to my October Meals Board and I plan to use it each week to come up with my weekly game plan.


  1. I always plan at least a week's worth of meals, but sometimes I will plan a month's worth and a couple of times I've even done three months worth when our freezer was fully stocked. I usually only plan the main dish and a starchy side dish, leaving the fruit and veggie decisions for closer to serving time. As long as I know that nothing is set in stone and that I can switch meals around or omit them entirely, I do ok with that kind of advance planning. This week I'm cooking a half ham, so we'll be having a lot ham based meals until it's gone. I might throw in a chicken dish, though, just to change things up.
    • I love hams!! I have one in my freezer - I've been waiting for cooler weather and it's here. Can't wait to bust that thing out of the freezer. November! ;-)
  2. Michelle - I love the new look!!! And the picture of you - gorgeous!! Just seeing the words "homemade fried catfish" made my stomach growl. Now I need to go get some catfish!

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